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Sam Elliott is known as an actor who often portrays cowboys and ranchers. Now, this longtime Hollywood actor is lending support to the women of Hollywood who have come forward to detail being sexually assaulted by the likes of Hollywood moguls such as Harvey Weinstein.

Hollywood has kept this dark, ugly, and rather open secret for a long time. Elliott says it’s time to stop and that the women who are speaking out are brave for exposing this disgusting creep and Clinton supporter for the dog that he is. It’s time to sanitize Hollywood.

When asked if the exposure of these sexual assaults would affect actual change, the Big Lebowski star said, “How can it not? Once you’ve given that kind of strength that this unveiling has given to a given population — the women of the world — how can you take it back?” He also said it is disturbing how actresses have been treated by men such as Weinstein.

In an interview with Variety, Elliott praised the dozens of women who are speaking out. He said exposing these rotten men is “the best thing that’s happened to Hollywood in a long time.” He believes they are changing Hollywood for the better and paving a better path for women of the future of Tinseltown.

“That’s not to say it’s not a two-way street for some. There’s a lot of girls who get into this game, and they’ll do anything to survive and thrive, but there’s also a bunch of innocents that come to town that are just f**king ground up by it,” Elliott says in the video below.

Women are coming out of the woodwork to hold these serial abusers accountable. In addition to the over 50 women who have made accusations against Harvey Weinstein, 38 women have accused director James Tomack of sexual harassment. Click here to read about that.

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