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“I Love Lucy” is one of the most hilarious shows ever to air. And, it continues to make audiences laugh over 60 years after its final episode. The show was so funny, in fact, that even the most die-hard fans will be surprised to learn that there were some dark things going on behind the scenes. 

Lucille Ball And Desi Arnaz’s Marriage

The iconic comedic actress Lucille Ball and her husband, Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz starred in “I Love Lucy.” The two met in 1940, and they fell in love so fast that they ended up eloping later that same year.

Unfortunately, over the next few years, cracks started to form in their marriage. Ball had a busy filming schedule as a Hollywood star. And Arnaz was being drafted into the armed services.

The growing distance between them combined with personality soon caused the marriage to become tumultuous. Ball filed for divorce in 1944. 

The couple ended up reconciling before the divorce was finalized. Each was determined to make the marriage work.

It was around this time that Ball began working on her own television show, which was to be based on a radio show she was starring in called “My Favorite Husband.”

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Why Ball Wanted Arnaz To Be Cast

When it came time for her show to be cast, Ball pushed hard for Arnaz to be given the role of her husband. It wasn’t specifically his talent that propelled her to push for him to be in the show.

Instead, Ball was desperate for Arnaz to be cast on her show because he was a notorious cheater. She feared that if she were to film a show without him, it would just give him more time to cheat on her. 

Ball was convinced that working with Arnaz every day was the only way to save her marriage. So, she fought hard for him to be cast despite push back from network executives.

In the end, Ball got her way, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Though “I Love Lucy” has stood the test of time, the same could not be said for Ball and Arnaz’s marriage, They divorced in 1960 after having two children together.

Even after the divorce, the two still had a connection, and they remained close friends until Arnaz’s death in 1986. Lucille Ball passed away three years later. 

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This Doesn’t Change “I Love Lucy’s” Legacy”

Ball and Arnaz may not have had the perfect marriage, but they certainly did create the perfect television show.

And any sadness that happened behind the scenes will not stop “I Love Lucy” from making audiences laugh for many years to come! 

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