"King of Queens" Kevin James mocks coronavirus snitches in video short

Not everyone in Hollywood is freaking out about coronavirus and willing to spy on their neighbors for breaking social distancing recommendation. “The King of Queens”star Kevin James took aim at these coronavirus snitches in a viral video that highlights how absurd and controlling this entire situation has become. 

The actor and comedian sports a USA shirt in the “Out of Touch” video short posted on his YouTube channel. In just four days, it’s gotten well over half a million views.

The hilarious video short shows James and his friend running from authorities in helicopters and cars. It then flashes back to six hours prior when the pair were caught shaking hands by three people who reported them for this serious transgression. 

Kevin James Mocks Coronavirus Snitches

This skit highlights what a real problem this has become. Neighbors are turning in neighbors.

The power of reporting others is intoxicating to some people. They will report and publicly shame anyone and call them “grandma killers” and “selfish.”

Snitching has become a major problem during the pandemic. The media has inflamed and even encouraged these situations.

Last week, a CBS reporter asked viewers and Twitter followers to call 911 on the ice cream man who only wanted to bring some joy to children who are seeking normalcy during these crazy times. These left wing control freaks even want to cancel the ice cream man. 

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Watch Kevin James’ short video below for a good laugh.

Unlike others in Hollywood, Paul Blart: Mall Cop certainly isn’t going to be calling the police on people violating social distancing restrictions!

Celebrating A Birthday With Social Distancing

James has been poking fun of the restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

It’s been hard for high school seniors who are missing out on their proms and graduations, but social distancing has also spoiled plenty of birthday parties. He tackled that problem in another funny video. 

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“Everybody Loves Raymond” star celebrates his pandemic birthday in another video in the tweet below through the use of a virtual reality headset the makes it appear that things are back to normal and he can celebrate with friends.

Alas, it is not to be this year but at least James can laugh at the situation. 

If this continues much longer, people might actually want to buy some virtual reality headsets to at least trick themselves into thinking life is normal again!

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