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John Schneider’s Video Describing ‘Life As A Duke’ Is A Must-Watch For ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ Fans

Bo Duke himself, John Schneider, explains how he got his signature hairstyle on "The Dukes of Hazzard" in this recent candid video.

“The Dukes of Hazzard” was a television staple during its television reign. We all tuned in on Friday nights to watch Bo and Luke’s weekly adventures. Many of us wondered what happened on the set of the show. Now, John Schneider explains what an average day was like on set of one of the most popular shows from 1979 to 1985. 

Americans loved “The Dukes of Hazzard” for a lot of reasons. It really had a little bit of everything for people of all ages.

Actors who were nice to look at, stunt driving in the General Lee, and the ongoing battle against corrupt government.

Bo and Luke spend most of each episode escaping crooked Boss Hogg and his goofy henchman Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane.

And, of course, “The Dukes of Hazzard” also had a theme of family values if you think about how Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse always had each other’s backs. 

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General Lee’s Confederate Flag

The show has been under attack in recent years for being politically incorrect.

These social justice warriors take aim at the fact the General Lee sports a confederate flag, but anyone who watched the show knows there was nothing racist or suppressive about the Dukes. 

Plus the show had one of the most recognizable opening songs in the history of television courtesy of country great Waylon Jennings.

Many of the fans still know the words to the the song today. As a child, I would cheer during the opening credits that ended with the General Lee going airborne!

The Dukes Of Hazzard’s John Wayne Connection

In a video posted this week to his YouTube channel, John Schneider, who was Bo Duke, explained how they filmed the shows.

This is a much watch for anyone who was glued to CBS on Friday nights during the Duke years. It’s like watching your uncle tell you the inside stories of his life. 

They worked 12 hours a day for five days a week to bring this beloved show into our homes. While the Dukes were in Georgia, the show was actually filmed in a Burbank, California studio.

Fun fact: that realistic looking set for Hazzard Square was where John Wayne’s “The Shootist” was previously filmed. 

Bo Duke was known for his signature hair. It was blonde and just perfect. But, he had some help with it. Schneider explains how they had to “roll my hair back” before filming to create that look. 

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You can watch Schneider give you the inside scoop on life while filming “The Dukes of Hazzard” in the video below. 

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