Coyote Peterson murder hornet sting YouTube video

If things haven’t been crazy enough, this week we learned that murder hornets are now in the United States. They target beehives and have been known to kill dozens of people each year in Japan. Their stingers even penetrate beekeeper suits. A 2018 YouTube video by the “King of Sting” Coyote Peterson shows what happens when you are stung by a murder hornet. The lesson here is that you don’t ever want to get stung by one of these flying beasts. 

Murder Hornets And Honeybees

Asian Giant Hornet lives up to its name. They are enormous compared to the average honeybee.

These hornets now are in Washington state. Sadly, their main target is honeybees – our prime pollinators.

They don’t typically go after humans but when they do, it is a very painful experience for the victim.

After news of their arrival spread across social media, people were joking that this is just another part of the 2020 apocalypse.

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King Of Sting Gets Stung By A Murder Hornet

Coyote Peterson is known as the “King of Sting” because he allows insects and animals from across the globe to sting or bite him.

His YouTube channel, “Brave Wilderness”, has over 16 million subscribers.

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Peterson was a willing victim for a murder hornet, and we can all learn a lot from this video.

As you will see, the pain and swelling were instantaneous.

Peterson has encountered some aggressive insects, but the murder hornet was one for the record books. He writhed in pain immediately and his arm swelled up.

While the hornet sting did not murder him, Peterson was still in pain even 20 minutes after the sting. 

From Insider

“I haven’t been this nervous since the tarantula hawk,” Peterson said, shaking, while the hornet writhed between a pair of tweezers. He then lowered it towards his arm and let the insect sting him.

“Oh man wave of dizziness really quick,” Peterson yelled, saying the stinger had lodged in his arm. “Searing pain, absolute searing pain. Did you not see how slow the sting was?”

Peterson’s colleague told him he had to describe the sting, and he said his arm was completely locked in place.

“When the stinger went into my arm, I had this wave, this wave came over me and I got super dizzy,” he said. “Almost didn’t feel what was happening, and then the pain was immediately searing.”

Fortunately if you don’t have an allergic reaction to the venom, you will likely survive a sting. But, you are going to be hurting for quite a while.

Being stung by a murder hornet isn’t something you will forget. 

Coyote Peterson’s Full YouTube Video

Inside Edition profiled the remarkable video from Coyote Peterson. You can watch that below. 

If the hornets overcome the honeybees, there could be devastating consequences for the landscape of the region. 

Coyote Peterson’s full 18 minute ordeal with murder hornet sting can be watched below. 

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