Collin Jon Kate Gosselin Mother's Day

Kate Gosselin of “Kate Plus 8” fame is undoubtedly not a happy camper right now after her son Collin appeared to throw shade at her by wishing his dad Jon’s girlfriend a happy Mother’s Day. 

Collin Gosselin Wishes Jon’s Girlfriend A Happy Mother’s Day

Us Magazine reported that Collin, who turned 16 along with his five siblings on the holiday on Sunday, used his Mother’s Day Instagram post to praise Jon’s girlfriend Colleen Conrad, rather than his own mother. 

“Turns out today is Mother’s Day, today we pay love forward to our mothers, but I don’t think mother can describe all the things Colleen has done for me,” wrote Collin alongside a photo of himself with Colleen. “Yes a mother clothes her children and cooks for them but it’s the best feeling when your mother or mother figure is one of your best friends and always has your back, the one who always shares that laugh of the humor only you guys get.”

“I could call it Mother’s Day, but it’s more than that, Colleen, you are so much more than a mother to me, you are one of my guidelines and one of my guiding lights,” he continued.

“Thank you doesn’t say enough, I love you so much and you’ve done so much for me that claims you my strong, happy, loving and awesome mother figure, you’re irreplaceable. Thank you so much Colleen love you so much!!!”

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Jon Gosselin Wishes His Children A Happy Birthday 

Collin and his sister Hannah live with Jon Gosselin, while the other four siblings in the famous sextuplets live with their mother Kate.

Dad Jon also took to Instagram to wish all six of the siblings a happy birthday on Sunday.

“Happy 16th birthday to Hannah & Collin!!! I miss you Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden. I hope your 16th birthday is just as memorable!!! Love, Dad,” wrote Jon, 43. 

Collin’s Heartbreaking Letter To Jon

Collin Gosselin has been living with Jon since 2018. The change came after he wrote to his father begging him to get him out of the special needs boarding school that Kate had enrolled him in. 

“I told Mom I want to live with you, she said no. But right? She can’t choose for me. I’m old enough now, I’m YOUR son, not hers. She was abusive to me after I left your house. I’m sorry. Take this to court because … you’re my dad, my savior,” Collin wrote in a heartbreaking letter to Jon in June of 2017.

“Please help me and let me meet Colleen. I’m counting on you to get me out of here. Daddy, I love you. save me. Please come FAST. I love you. Help me. BYE.”

It’s truly sad to see what has happened to this family, which started off seeming close as could be in their “Jon & Kate Plus 8” days.

The Gosselins have become a cautionary tale of the perils of reality television and what it can do to a family.

After seeing what happened to the Gosselin family, anyone should think twice before allowing reality television cameras to document their family’s life. 

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