Suzanne Somers and husband quarantine activities and marriage secret

Suzanne Somers of “Three’s Company” fame just shocked the world with a VERY candid dive into the not-safe-for-work activities she is enjoying while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. Plus the secret to Suzanne Somers and husband Alan Hamel’s decades long marriage.

Suzanne Somers Gets VERY Candid About Life In Quarantine

Fox News reported that the 73 year-old icon has been hosting a regular Facebook Live cocktail hour to maintain a social connection with her fans.

Somers also recently told Page Six‘s “We Hear” podcast that she’s been having sex with her husband “most days, and the position is not photographable.”

Somers has been married to her husband Alan Hamel for over 40 years, and they are reportedly still all over each other.

“I have a husband who I inject every Tuesday with testosterone and Wednesday’s a very good day,” she said. “We have found a way. My girlfriends go, ‘You do not have sex twice a day.’ It’s no forced march.” 

“I’m in the mood. He’s in the mood,” Somers added. “Sometimes it’s once a day. Sometimes later in the day, you’re in the mood again because what are you going to do during this pandemic?”

Her Cocktail Hour

When Somers isn’t having sex, she’s enjoying an adult beverage or two.

“I honest to God think having a cocktail hour at five o’clock,” she said. “We do our cocktail hour from five to six, whether we do it Facebook Live or not. And we do it right: We bring an ice bucket to the bar. And I put out a linen little thing and put the Baccarat glasses on the top of it and then put some salty things on the bar. Some cheese or some Kalamata olives or something. It relaxes us. It’s a time just for us.”

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Somers has long been open about using “shots of PT-141,” or “a melanocortin-based peptide used to generate sexual arousal.”

“Men have had Viagra, but this [is] actually a shot for both men and women that’s not a drug. It just stimulates that part of your brain that says, ‘Hey, I’m kind of in the mood.’ And so, isn’t that a wonderful thing. And it’s not a drug, so I love it,” she explained. 

The Secret Behind Suzanne Somers’ Long-Lasting Marriage 

Suzanne Somers and husband Hamel have been married since 1977, and she has previously discussed the secret of their long-lasting union. 

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“I am madly in love,” she declared. “I still am. It’s bizarre to me that after 40 years of marriage and 50 years together that I still feel that way. But he turns me on, and I think I turn him on, and it’s always been like that. You know the way it is when you first start dating someone and this might be the one? That feeling has never gone away.”

Clearly, Somers and her husband are having a great time, and why shouldn’t they?

They’ve worked hard for what they have, and managed to create a decades-long marriage in an industry where that is a rarity.

Their bond is a testament during trying times like these. At a time when it can be difficult to find things to smile about.

We could all learn a lot from Suzanne Somers’ fun-loving attitude! 

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