Suzanne Somers Claps Back At Haters Bashing Nude Birthday Photo – “It Was Very Hot!”

Suzanne Somers and her loyal husband of 42 years are unscathed by her nude birthday photo haters - husband Hamel learned not to "provide them any oxygen".

Last week, we reported that “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers faced backlash for posting a nude “birthday suit” photo of herself in celebration of her 73rd birthday. Now, both Somers and her husband of 42 years, Alan Hamel, are clapping back at the haters who went after her.

Suzanne Somers Fires Back At Nude Birthday Photo Haters

“I’m 73, I love the way I feel,” Somers told Fox News. “I love my great health, I adore my husband and family and it was very hot that day! Haha.”

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Hamel, who is also Somers’ manager, added that he is not worried about “these few haters.”

“I am uncertain whether Suzanne has a comment about these few haters who routinely turn up on her digital platforms,” Hamel said.

“It’s usually the same group and we ignore them and not provide them any oxygen.  If Suzanne announced she had found a cure for cancer, they would still be there doing their hate thing.”


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Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!

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“I believe these are people who are desperately unhappy with who they are personally and get off anonymously saying negative things about people they do not know,” he added. “It would be easy to block these folks, but we believe in the First Amendment big time.”

The Nude Birthday Photo That Started It all

This all started last week, when Somers posted the nude photo of herself outdoors with the caption, “Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!”

The photo immediately went viral, and while much of the response was positive, others had negative things to say.

“Why…you are too old to be acting like this,” one person commented, with another adding, “Too old to be modeling in your birthday suit. If I was to do that I would get the same remarks.”

“Why would she do that? Not a pretty sight,” a third person wrote. “She was so beautiful. Shots and surgeries change their faces too much. Surprised she didn’t get a boob lift also. Oh, well, to each his own.”

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Suzanne Somers Brags On Strong Marriage

Somers, however, has not let the online hate get her down, as she is just enjoying life with her husband. The actress said that even though they’ve been married for over forty years, she’s still as in love with Hamel as she ever was.

“I am madly in love,” Somers said. “I still am. It’s bizarre to me that after 40 years of marriage and 50 years together that I still feel that way. But he turns me on, and I think I turn him on, and it’s always been like that. You know the way it is when you first start dating someone and this might be the one? That feeling has never gone away.”

“So is this luck? I don’t know. A good relationship is not about luck,” she continued.

“It’s about really putting in the effort to make sure that you give each other a lot of attention and respect… But if you throw in the other component of you turn one another on, that kind of makes it really great.”

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