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Mike Rowe and Glenn Beck sat down to discuss America’s greatest asset: our workers. Former “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe is speaking to set people like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) straight when it comes to American workers.

He emphatically warns them that there is “no such thing as a non-essential worker.” 

Rowe Sits Down With Glenn Beck

The Daily Wire reported that during an interview with Glenn Beck, Rowe warned that the notion of “non-essential worker” that is being pushed by liberals like Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez throughout the coronavirus pandemic could have “unintended consequences.”

He went on to say that these potential consequences include massive cuts to healthcare. And, a false sense of security that’s deepening tribal divides in this country.

Beck pointed out that Cuomo recently mocked “nonessential” workers for their desire to get back to work and feed their families.

He also brought up comments Ocasio-Cortez made when she called on Americans to refuse to go back to work even when COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

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Mike Rowe: No Such Thing As Non-Essential Workers

Beck argued that these two Democrats do not appreciate the “dignity” that comes with all aspects of work. Nor do they appreciate the necessity for workers who have been deemed “non-essential” to open up their businesses again.

Rowe agreed with him, adding:

 “You’re gonna find when you peel back all the layers of this onion, a giant ball of unintended consequence. I don’t know exactly how deep it goes, but its gonna be everywhere, and I think also you’re gonna find really surprising corollaries. You know, I was just walking my dog this morning, and some woman looked at me — I wasn’t wearing a mask and I’m in a fairly rural area here — and she walked by and just shook her head, just gave me that look, you know? It’s just, we can’t help ourselves, this thing is falling into this tribal thing, and it’s a trap.

Maybe the grown-up in the room right now has to say, look the situation in Michigan is different than the situation in Florida. We can’t treat them identically, even if it makes us feel good to do that. There’s gonna be a consequence if we do.”

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Mike Rowe Addresses Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez Directly

Watch Rowe address Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez directly in the video below. He tells them that there is “no such thing as a non-essential worker when it comes to the economy!”

Unlike Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez, Rowe actually values hard work. He believes that the majority of his fellow Americans do, too.

We need more leaders like him in the country. And, fewer who are looking to give out handouts to the lazy folks of society like Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez are suggesting. 

Check out Mike Rowe and Glenn Beck’s full discussion in the video below, with the relevant portion starting at around the 13:00 minute mark: