Michael Bublé Luisana Lopilato

Michael Bublé found himself under siege by the outrage mob after a recent Instagram Live video with his wife, Luisana Lopilato. A byproduct of today’s outrage culture, the most sensitive among us quickly bombarded the 44-year-old crooner with shocking allegations of abuse. As a result, Lopilato was forced to rush to her husband’s defense with a video of her own. 

Michael Bublé Targeted After Video With Wife

This outrage was focused on the singer’s aggressive nudging of his wife on a social media video.

The couple have been live-streaming frequently as they are isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. And it didn’t take but a nudge to set people off!

Users on social media were swift and relentless in going on the offensive to hastily paint Michael Bublé as some sort of wife beater. 

Bublé is very open about his family life, including his son’s battle against cancer so these claims really came out of left field for many fans.

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One tweeter who took offense at Bublé’s actions posted the video asking her followers, “Plz tell me what you think of this…to all of us is clearly a man being abusive with his wife, the way he grabbed her by the arm…that’s Michael Bublé…she keeps on denying it but there’s so many videos of him and treating her the same way.”

And boom! Trolls everywhere were off to the races. Eager to cast the Canadian crooner as some domineering or abusive male.

That short video is below and was used to define and label the well respected singer. Watch and see what you think of the alleged ‘abusive’ behavior.

Another person tweeted a clip from an Instagram Live where Bublé can be heard saying he is going to kill his wife.

It is just a split second and appears to be completely taken out of context as it is something that many of us say in a joking manner. That video is below. 

Outrage Culture

These attacks on Bublé are a prime example of today’s outrage culture.

These people look for any excuse to pounce on others and spotlight some fault. In this case, they used an elbow nudge as justification to target and castigate this beloved singer.

To the degree that Michael Bublé’s wife took to Instagram Live. 32-year-old Lopilato wanted to set the record straight and make sure everyone knows who her husband is.

 The Argentine actress and model made it clear that she is NOT in a compromising or unsafe position with her husband. 

“It is important that we continue to pay attention so that we are able to help the women that are going through a bad time,” she said.

“It made me very happy to see the level of awareness my followers have with this topic. I am proud to be Argentinian, and your messages demonstrate to me once again all of the love that you have for me and us. So, thank you, but this is not my case.”

It’s dangerous when the court of public opinion plays judge, jury, and executioner on social media. Someone’s life and reputation is not something to be trifled with. No matter if they’re a celebrity and live in the spotlight.

The consequences are real and this outrage culture needs to end.

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