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James Woods, who is one of the few openly conservative actors in Hollywood, just shut down Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for claiming that Senate Democrats are fighting for the little guy. 

Chuck Schumer Pats Dems On The Back

It all started when Schumer took to Twitter on Friday to claim that Democrats are trying to fight for small businesses right now, while Republicans are the “bad guys” out to help big business.

“Senate Democrats are fighting for the nail salons, the barbershops, the delis,” Schumer wrote. “Why are Senator McConnell and Republicans only trying to help bigger businesses that already have connections to bigger banks?”

James Woods Sets The Record Straight

Of course, this could not be further from the truth, but it’s exactly the kind of nonsense that millions of liberals all over the country eat up every day.

Thankfully, conservative champion James Woods was on-hand to set the record straight and to call out Schumer in front of everyone.

“Well, it’s worth it, I suppose. I got a great haircut at the Kennedy Center this week,” Woods tweeted in response early Monday morning. 

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Woods was referring to the fact that Democrats insisted that funding for the Kennedy Center be included in the $2 trillion legislative package that President Donald Trump signed last month amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

They weren’t exactly fighting for the little guy back then, now were they?

James Woods Blasts Schumer Again

This tweet from Woods came a day after he blasted Schumer for telling lies on CNN during an interview with Jake Tapper in which he defended holding up legislation to give funding to the Paycheck Protection Program so that additional provisions could be thrown in. 

“I actually say the very things we Democrats have been fighting for are now going into the bill,” Schumer said. “So we Democrats said yes, we want to put the more money in, but let’s set aside some money to make sure it goes the rural areas, the minority areas, to the unbanked. And the $60 billion for the disaster loan was our proposal, and now the administration is going along with that.”

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Woods, however, was not having any of it, and he tweeted:

Schumer: “Hold on while we shoehorn as much pork into our voting base as we can, until there isn’t a pig left In America.” Fixed it for you, Chuckles!

Hollywood has become so liberal that Woods is effectively risking his career by being this open about his conservative beliefs, but his voice is needed now more than ever.

We need more Hollywood stars to step up like he is, and start calling out Democrat lawmakers for their lies. 

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