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The coronavirus pandemic has prompted politicians and judges to grant freedom to many prison inmates across the United States. In order to ‘protect’ those in prison from coronavirus, these inmates are being set free to take their chances against the virus with the rest of us in the public. But Washington State took this to a new level when their consideration for humanitarian release lumped in the Green River Serial Killer. Gary Ridgway, who admitted to 49 murders, came just one vote shy of possible early release from prison where he is serving a more than 500 year sentence.  

The Danger Of Humanitarian Release For Coronavirus

I’m sorry but this is just crazy. I have a deep regard for humanity but under no circumstance do I think it’s morally right or conscionable to release an admitted serial killer into the public to help his chances of not catching a virus.

What are these liberal politicians and judges thinking?

At this point, so many inmates have been granted humanitarian release that the law-abiding public now has to dodge not only coronavirus but an influx of criminals gifted get-out-of-jail free cards.

Case in point, a Florida man proved how dangerous this policy can be when he was arrested for committing murder just one day after he was granted early release in order to prevent him from contracting coronavirus in jail. 

BACKSTORY: It Took Just One Day For This Inmate To Murder Someone After Being Released Over Coronavirus Fears

This Florida man may never catch the virus but his humanitarian release cost humanity one life.

Green River Serial Killer Among 5-4 Prison Release Vote

Washington State has a lot to learn from the Florida’s poor example in choosing to protect a criminal over the public.

Legal activist group Columbia Legal Services lobbied for all inmates over age 50 to be released because of the pandemic. Among them was 71-year-old Gary Ridgway, the Green River Serial Killer.

Shockingly, four justices on the Washington Supreme Court sided with the petitioners.

Gary Ridgway is a man who should rot in jail and yet liberal activists lobbied for his release.  And these elected Supreme Court justices agreed.

Had these liberal activists persuaded just one more judge, this serial killer could have been moving into your neighborhood. 

How does a serial killer serving a life sentence even become a candidate for release?

The answer, of course, is loopholes. When these petitions are created they make broad sweeping demands and thus bad stuff can slip right through the cracks.

In this case, a violent serial killer could have been the ‘pork’ in these liberal activists’  legal petition.

Meet Gary Ridgway, The Green River Killer

PJ Media describes this homicidal maniac that four left-wing Justices almost freed:

The man we now know as the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, was sent to prison for more than 500 years. He was convicted of 49 murders of prostitutes, girls on the streets and vulnerable runaways, but he was suspected of committing 71 murders in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s.

He would take the women and girls, have sex with them, and then strangle them, watching the light go out of their eyes as he squeezed the life out of them. Sometimes he’d use a rope and sometimes he’d use his bare hands. He’d pose their bodies and sometimes come back and have sex with the corpses. His first victims were found in the Green River, giving the monster his moniker.

He was arrested in the ’80s but let go for lack of evidence. A task force was formed to track down the serial killer and in 2001 – decades and multiple victims later – Gary Ridgeway was busted again and confessed to 71 murders.

The Green River Killer And Ted Bundy

This is the same serial killer who’s ability to evade law enforcement persuaded the FBI to consult with convicted serial killer Ted Bundy. A decision which eventually inspired the idea for the blockbuster film, Silence Of The Lambs.

It is unconscionable that anyone would allow this man to be released. And he wasn’t the only other violent criminal that these liberal justices nearly released.

These inmates are in prison for a reason. The constant lobbying for early prison release because of coronavirus by activists and celebrities has gotten way out of hand.

Are these liberals that much more concerned about an inmate’s right to life than that of law-abiding citizens?

This is a very dangerous game that we’re playing.

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