Colby Covington On Tyron Woodley, UFC 249 Plans, Future

Former interim UFC champion Colby Covington appeared on a recent edition of Submission Radio to discuss a number of subjects.

Former interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington is always ready to talk about any and every subject presented to him.

While the world waits for the all-clear, Covington made an appearance on Submission Radio to do what he does best.

During the interview, Covington talked about his desire to “throw Tyron Woodley’s dead body to the sharks,” why a planned fight at UFC 249 did not happen and more.

On issuing a challenge to WWE Champ Drew McIntyre for a potential match in the WWE

“Me and Drew McIntyre is a good match-up. He’s a big guy, but it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog, and everybody knows the big the fight is in me. So, I just think I can beat any man alive right now and I’m the best in the world, so they need to let me go over there and make wrestling real again.”

On Woodley saying Covington refused to take the fight with him for the fifth time

“Yeah, that’s fake news. When that fight, when Tony and Khabib first fell out – well, actually, when the London main event first fell out, I was willing to fight on six days’ notice, cause that’s how much of a bitch Tyron Woodley is. He’s a little gossip girl and he gets his feelings hurt, so you can only imagine what I would do to him in the octagon.

On only wanting to fight on the UFC 249 main event and not lower on the card and wanting five rounds with Woodley

“I’m a main event fighter, I’m not here to play second fiddle. I’m not a prelim fighter. That’s something Tyron Woodley should fight Dilbert on. Maybe he can fight Leon Scott. These are these people that no one knows who they are, but they’re trying to match you up, I’m trying to give you a gift from god.

“You can take a big losing paycheck to me, but I’m not a second fiddle fighter, guys. I don’t fight on the prelims, me and Tyron Woodley are fighting on the main event. When I asked the UFC to fight Tyron Woodley on six days’ notice – cause he’s that big of a bitch and I’ll expose him in front of the world on six days’ notice – I want five rounds to do it.

“I want to talk shit in an empty arena to Tyron Woodley in his ear the whole time as I expose him in front of the world, and I want to talk shit. I want the world to hear and I want to save sports and save UFC and do this, but I want a main event, I want five rounds. So, I’m not here to play second fiddle. I asked for a main event, now I think a good spot to do it is Dana White’s fight island.

“They’re having the fights at the fight island, so there’s some interest there that they’re gonna build this fight back up and this is the fight that needs to be made, me and Tyron Woodley on Dana White’s fight island.”

On him versus Tyron being bigger than Ferguson/Gaethje

“Before, I wanted the London main event. They said that they were gonna do it in America, maybe do it on an Indian tribe land. So, I offered to be the main event for that one. And then Tony and Khabib fell out, and we didn’t know if Tony was still gonna fight, he was weighing his options.

“So I was like, let me fight in the main event, and I’m a bigger fight than Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje anyways. Let’s be honest, those guys are jobbers, man, those guys aren’t on my level. It’s a different level when you’re coming at King Colby. I draw numbers, and everybody knows I’m a main event fighter.

“So, I offered to be the main event. I didn’t offer to be second fiddle fighting on the prelims, I offered to fucken be the main event. And somehow the Tony and Gaethje come together, so now they need to push this fight back. But there’s nowhere for Woodley to hide.

“He can’t run from me any longer. He’s ducked me for long enough, he’s done his elective fucking fake surgeries when I was the number one contender. He ducked me when I had the interim title. The guy doesn’t want to fight me. If he runs from his ass whooping now, everyone’s gonna know the coward he is.”

On how close the fight came to actually happening

“Yeah, it got very far. I had my management team over at Ballengee group, you know, Lloyd and Jeff, they do a great job, and Ballengee went over there and talked to them, and they were very close. We thought we had it locked up, and I was excited, man. I wanted to put on a show for the people, man.

“There’s a global pandemic going on right now and I want to save sports. And I think the best way to save sports would be to be whispering in Tyron Woodley’s ear about how big of a bitch he is, how washed up he is, how fucking shitty his fucking rap is, how fucking shitty that beard is.

“Dude, that fucking beard is a disguise for a tough guy, I want to hit that animal off his fucking face.”

On wanting to fight as soon as the next fights get made on Dana White’s fight island

“You can see me fight very soon. I’ve been training very hard, I’m in great shape. I stay ready.

“As soon as the next fight gets made, I’m willing to go to Dana White’s fight island. I think it’s the perfect place for this. Main event on Dana White’s fight island. Let’s do this, man. Colby Covington versus Tyron Woodley.

I’m gonna destroy him. I’m gonna show why he’s a gossip girl, why he’s on TMZ hiding from me all the time, why he’s faking these stupid-ass rap albums.”

“Tyrone, come on, man, we know you’re broke and you put all that money in that rap career. Yeah, it don’t matter. I know you need a paycheck. You need to come and take this losing paycheck to me.

Don’t run away, don’t go sign with some guy named Dilbert or some guy named Leon Scott. You need to come get that ass whooped.”

Why Covington likes the idea of fighting on Dana White’s fight island

“I think the most appealing thing to me about it is I can just eliminate Tyron Woodley from earth. We can take him out to this private island, and I’d leave him unconscious in his dead body, and then they can just throw his dead body to the sharks next to the private island and we can just never heard from him again.

“The guy’s a complete dirtbag, man. He hates America, he’s a fucking communist prick. This is the easiest sell ever, man. This is personal between me and Tyron Woodley, and they need to let me get my hands on him locked in that octagon. I promise you it’s going to be fucking vicious.”

Why Colby wants the Woodley fight on free TV, not PPV

“That’s what this is about, this shouldn’t be on pay-per-view. This is a time for the people. The people, they need sports, they need to be safe. This needs to be free TV, ESPN, prime time.

“This needs to be on every single home in the entire world. When I embarrass Tyron Woodley and I whisper in his ear how big of a bitch he is and how much of a pussy he is as I make him quit and I remove his consciousness, and then they feed him to the sharks on the private island, this needs to be on free TV.

“Who says this needs to be on pay-per-view. The people need this. I’m the people’s champion, I’m Donald Trump’s favourite fighter, and it’s time to fight on Dana White’s private island.”

On Woodley wanting to fight Usman next

“Of course Tyron Woodley don’t wanna fight me. He’s never wanted to fight me since I was the number one contender.

“Did you guys forget that I forced him into elective surgery? I scared the guy off into hiding. That’s why they had to make my real world title that I had to go win, because he was scared into elective surgery.

“He was willing to fight a lightweight, some soy boy from Stockton at the time, some little kid, but he wasn’t willing to defend it versus the most logical number one contender? I mean, the guy’s a fucking fraud, dude. Tyron Woodley is a fucking joke, man.

“I mean, look at what he’s done on TMZ, look at his little rap album, his wannabe fucking acting career that he wishes he had. The guy’s a fucking joke. That’s why they call him TyQuill. And he’s not getting no rematch with Marty Fakenewsman.

“That fight wasn’t even competitive, he lost every second of it. He’s washed up, he’s fucking shit. I’m not talking about just as a fighter, I’m talking about as a person. I mean, the guy’s ugly.

“I mean, the guy’s fucken just completely pathetic, dude. Like, the guy needs to retire already, he’s washed the fuck up.”

On Stephen Thompson potentially wanting to fight Covington next

“Who is she?”

“I never heard of her. There’s a long list of people that are at the top of the mountain with me that I care about. I’m trying to defend my title, I’m trying to fight title-level fights.

“Anything less, I’m not wasting my time for. So, if the UFC wants to come make this long-time fucken personal grudge match, it needs to happen, man. This has gone on long enough. He’s ducked me for long enough. He’s trying to fake the narrative, he’s trying to save face and make it look like he’s the good guy, like Colby’s ducking.

“Dude, I was pretty much agreeing t terms with the UFC. This is a main event fight, let’s make it happen. Dana White’s fight island, Tyron Woodley. And if you don’t want to show up, Marty Fakenewsman, let’s do it. All you guys are coming out talking like you want to save the UFC, you want to fight. Let’s do it.

“What are we waiting for? I’m here to save the people, I’m here to save America, I’m here to make America great again, just like our great president Donald Trump. Let’s do this. Dana White’s fight island for the people live on ESPN.”

On him and Dustin Poirier at the gym after his public apology on Submission Radio a few weeks ago

“Yeah, everything’s cool over there. I got no hard feelings. You know, those guys are good people. I got nothing else bad to say about them.

“I know they wouldn’t say anything bad about me, I know they only say nice things about me. So, I’m just worried about my business and focused on what’s ahead me, and man, this is my time, I’m not worried about anybody else.”

On Jorge Masvidal tweeting out the no trash talk rule in ATT doesn’t apply to Covington because he’s not a fighter

“Yeah, my reaction is, I was shocked. He completely went against Dan Lambert’s word. Lambert put out that headline that said no talking between teammates unless you’re scheduled to fight, and Jorge completely just questioned his authority.

“So, as Dan Lambert, I can’t even imagine how he feels towards Jorge that he just completely tried to question him as a man and question his authority and just completely tried to pretty much back talk him. It’s just… that’s pretty embarrassing.

“I feel pretty bad for Jorge that he did that to Dan Lambert, and I can’t imagine the talks that were going on behind closed doors with that. My relationship between me and journeyman street Judas Jorge Masvidal is, he could potentially be competition. We’ll have to see if he makes it that far.

“To be honest, I’ve said what I said. He’s lighting in a bottle, he’s all hype, he doesn’t want to fight me, man. We used to train together for eight years, man. We were best friends, we lived in an apartment together. Me and Jorge Masvidal used to fight for free. Go look on YouTube.

“There’s literally fights where we fought in our living room. We fought for two hours straight and I made him quit, pretty much like every other training session that I made him quit. So, journeyman street Judas Masvidal does not want to fight me, and that’s just facts.”

If the no trash talk rule still applies between him and Masvidal

“Yeah, I’m still gonna stick by that rule, man. I’m a man of my word and I got nothing to say about it anymore. I’m just focused on Tyron Woodley and Marty Fakenewsman and any other business opposition that I have to get involved in.

“And this is the fight business, this isn’t the feelings business and this isn’t friends business. So, I’m here to make money, I’m not here to make friends.”

On Jon Jones

“Yeah, you know, my best buddy, my college roommate Mr. Jon Jones, keeping the world perfectly normal through this pandemic.

“I mean, it’s strange times, guys, we all know that. We won’t see anything like this in our lifetime, but everything is still normal in the world. Jon’s still getting caught by the police, he’s still getting charges for being the dirtbag that he is, he’s still catching drug charges, he’s a cheater, he’s a fraud, and it’s just a matter of time until that guy’s getting locked away for good. I mean, what is that, Like his 6th DUI?

“He had the one where he wrapped the Bentley around the pole with two hookers in the back, and then he had the one where he hit the girl, the pregnant lady at the stoplight and fled the scene with all his cocaine and steroids and alcohol. Oh, you know what’s crazy about this story?

“Did you guys see the alcohol that Jon Jones was drinking before he got his latest DUI? Oh my gosh, you guys gotta look this up. Man, this is juicy.

“It was journeyman Jorge Masvidal’s liquor in the back seat of Jon Jones. So, that’s how good of a friend Jorge Masvidal is, he gave an alcoholic Jon Jones alcohol. And look what happened, he got another DUI, he’s going to jail.”

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