MMA On Instagram: Colby Covington, Paige VanZant, Ronda Rousey

Check out the latest featuring MMA on Instagram this week as we check in on the likes of Colby Covington, Paige VanZant and Ronda Rousey.

Welcome back to another edition of MMA on Instagram this week with Colby Covington, Paige VanZant and Ronda Rousey among those featured.

“FIGHT SCHOOL IS LIVE!!! Today’s lesson is ‘How to Beat Jon Jones’, with Dominick Reyes a guy who a lot of people think just might have. Click the link in my bio and check it out!!!!”

“Get it done, whatever means necessary.”

“Next few fights for Bellator MMA have been cancelled…. 👎🏻. Some shit, but I’ve supported their decisions all the way. Contract was signed, we were good to go. BUT things will get better and we’ll fight soon… also, my wife is a fuggin’ nut lol.”

“Your goals, your dreams! Go after them!”

“CBD Giveaway!! Now through midnight central on Wednesday, you can enter to win a $25 gift card to Direct Hemp. All you have to do is go to and input your email address (link in bio) and you’ll be entered to win. You can get a second entry by tagging a friend below! Direct Hemp is a brand new website that takes the guesswork out of buying CBD products. All the brands are vetted, there is a clear $/gram on each product so you can see what you’re paying for, and the badges make it super easy to see which products have thc and which ones don’t, which products are vegan, which are not, etc. Free shipping is going on for two more days!! Code: FANCY”

“A little driveway pad session with @atomicblondemma this beautiful Monday. She’ll be an expert in no time!!”

“The offer still stands UFC. I’ll go full Teddy Roosevelt & beat the breaks off @TWooodley live from The @whitehouse lawn! Save sports and make it free on @ESPN for the people! Im in such a giving mood I’ll even arrange a tour of the oval office for Tyrone, since Obama never did.”

“Check the think in my bio to see who wins the first ever #RondaVsTravis!! Our inaugural competition will be desk building for our ultimate gamer battle station for the #BaddestStreamOnThePlanet on @facebookgaming !! Come see if competition tests the bonds of marriage between two of the most competitive people on earth!”

“Positive Vibes for Quarantine Life. GM loves.. Happy Monday! Feeling so motivated today. Sending you all some positive vibes I’m so thankful for you, love y’all! thank you for 150k Hope I inspire you as much as you inspire me”

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