The Revival Been Sent Home Without Pay

The relationship between The Revival and the WWE has been contentious lately to say the least. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have made their intentions about leaving the company quite clear. Now, it is alleged the company has taken action against both Revival members.

Sent Home Without Pay?

The Revival been sent home from the tag team division without pay?

Fightful claims that both members of The Revival have been sent home by the WWE, probably to wait our their WWE contracts. However, this might not be the only thing the WWE has done, at least if Fightful is to be believed.

It is alleged that the WWE have stopped paying The Revival completely, or at least scaled down their earnings considerably. It is believed that both members of the popular tag team refused another WWE deal. So, if these reports are accurate, it could be a case of retaliation on the part of the company.

The Revival have not been wrestling since the 1st of March. It is believed they have been taken off the schedule as one of the men’s contracts is due to run out soon.

When Are Scott Dawson And Dash Wilder Leaving?

When Is The Revival Leaving WWE

We have been talking about their departure for the best part of a year, so it might feel like an eternity to many. As it stands, Scott Dawson should be the first to part ways with the company, since his contract is due to expire somewhere between March and April. So, his departure could be within a matter of days.

Dash Wilder may be stuck to his contract a little longer. His contract is due to expire between May and June. That being said, both men are expected to leave as a tag team and head over to another promotion.

At the moment, it is unknown how long the no-compete clause will apply for them. Still, even with this clause, they are expected to be picked up by one of the larger promotions out there. AEW has been one of the favorites among the predictions, but I would not rule out New Japan just yet.

The Consequences For The Tag Team Division

What Will The Consequences Be For The WWE Tag Team Division?

The tag team division has been on the backburner for the WWE for some time. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why The Revival want to leave the company. Will their departure have an influence on the current tag team division?

At the moment, the plans of the company will not be impacted where the tag team division is concerned. However, the tag team division may suffer in the long-term. The Revival is one of the better tag teams out there. If they take their skills elsewhere, it will be serious competition for the WWE’s tag team division. If the WWE want to remain relevant in tag team wrestling, they need to make some changes sooner rather than later.

While there are plenty of male tag teams in the WWE,  I cannot help to feel sad about the loss of a great tag team. On the flipside, we may actually see some decent matches with them on another promotion. Time will tell how this situation plays out.

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