Queen Elizabeth makes statement about Coronavirus

Today, Queen Elizabeth finally broke her silence on the coronavirus pandemic. Her statement came after she reportedly left Buckingham Palace to socially isolate herself at Windsor Castle with her husband Prince Philip. 

The Queen Speaks Out About Coronavirus 

“As [my husband] Philip and I arrive at Windsor today, we know that many individuals and families across the United Kingdom, and around the world, are entering a period of great concern and uncertainty,” the Queen said. Her official statement was released through Buckingham Palace, according to Fox News.

“We are all being advised to change our normal routines and regular patterns of life for the greater good of the communities we live in and, in particular, to protect the most vulnerable within them,” she added.

“At times such as these, I am reminded that our nation’s history has been forged by people and communities coming together to work as one, concentrating our combined efforts with a focus on the common goal.”

‘I Am Certain We Are Up To That Challenge’

The 93 year-old Queen’s statement continued: 

“We are enormously thankful for the expertise and commitment of our scientists, medical practitioners and emergency and public services; but now more than any time in our recent past, we all have a vitally important part to play as individuals – today and in the coming days, weeks and months.

Many of us will need to find new ways of staying in touch with each other and making sure that loved ones are safe. I am certain we are up to that challenge. You can be assured that my family and I stand ready to play our part.”

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Fall In High Risk Coronavirus Category

This comes after the Queen and husband Philip, who is set to turn 99 in June, left Buckingham Palace and cancelled all upcoming royal events to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Given their advanced ages, the virus would be highly detrimental to their health, and even potentially even deadly. 

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines state that adults 65 and older are most in danger of severe reactions to coronavirus.

Within the royal family, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are not the only ones who fall into this category. Their children Prince Charles, 71, and Princess Anne, 69, are also at risk.

Please keep the royal family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. 

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