Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey Praises ‘Values’ Of Bill Clinton

Matthew McConaughey praised the "values" of former Presdents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, raising some eyebrows in the process.

It has long seemed like Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey was one of the few people in Hollywood with a good head on his shoulders. And, that he didn’t subscribe to the crazed liberal ideologies of his peers. Unfortunately, it looks like this assertion of McConaughey was dead wrong. He spoke out to praise two former presidents – Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

McConaughey Praises Bill Clinton

McConaughey took to social media yesterday to post a photo of himself posing with Clinton and former President George W. Bush at an event at Carnegie Hall in New York City over the weekend.

He captioned the image, “Two sides of the aisle, one side of values – M.O.C. #BillClinton #GeorgeWBush.”

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Two sides of the aisle, one side of values – M.O.C. #BillClinton #GeorgeWBush

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Excuse me?? Did McConaughey forget about or choose to ignore Clinton’s “values”?

Clinton’s ‘Values’ Are Nothing To Praise

Even the staunchest of Clinton fans would hesitate to praise the former president’s “values.” After all, this is a man who was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives for his lies as he tried to cover up an affair he had with his young White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Unlike the partisan impeachment witch hunt of Donald Trump, Clinton’s impeachment was a bipartisan affair that saw lawmakers on both sides of the aisle voting to impeach him.

This is far from the only scandal in Clinton’s past that calls into questions his “values.” For decades, Juanita Broaddrick has has been saying that she was raped by Clinton in 1978 in an Arkansas hotel room.

“I was 35 yo when Bill Clinton, the Arkansas AG, raped me and Hillary tried to silence me.  I am now 73….and it never goes away,” Broaddrick tweeted in 2016.

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Clinton’s Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein

Then there’s Clinton’s documented close friendship with the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Photos have even emerged of Clinton aboard Epstein’s infamous Lolita Express private jet, where he allegedly sexually assaulted young girls.

This is all in stark contrast to Bush, who has no known sexual misconduct allegations against him. And there no rumors that he ever cheated on his beloved wife Laura. Contrary to what McConaughey wrote in his post, there is nothing similar between the “values” that Clinton and Bush live their respective lives by.

This serves as a reminder that liberals have given the Clintons a free pass when it comes to virtually everything they have done in their past. If a Republican lawmaker had done any of the things that Clinton has been accused of doing, he would have been blacklisted years ago.

The hypocrisy and ignorance of liberals never ceases to amaze.

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