Coronavirus Heartbreak: Photos Show Wife Visit Husband of 60 Years Who’s In Quarantine

Pictures of an elderly Washington state couple communicating through an exterior glass window because of a coronavirus quarantine shows us what love is.

A picture of an elderly Washington state couple separated by the coronavirus outbreak is tugging at heartstrings and highlighting how this virus can impact the elderly. The doting wife is forced to visit with her husband of 60 years through a window as the Life Care Center outside Seattle is under quarantine for coronavirus.

Coronavirus And The Elderly

Gene and Dorothy Campbell have been married for a whole six decades.  89-year-old Gene has coronavirus and is under quarantine at the Life Care Center in Kirkland where several residents have already died of coronavirus. At least 10 people have died in the state of Washington and 70 people are known to currently be infected. Gene is one of them.

Due to the quarantine, 88-year-old Dorothy can’t physically be with Gene but she still wanted to visit him. So, she went to the Life Care center to see him through a window. Even a mere glance was better than separation. The sweet couple used phones to speak with each other while Dorothy stood outside.

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The pictures of Dorothy and Gene highlight the long standing love they share.

Elderly couples are often separated because one is in a nursing home. But they still have the ability to visit in person and even lean in for a kiss.

Life Care Center Coronavirus Quarantine

Sadly, the coronavirus outbreak at the Life Care Center in Washington State stripped this sweet couple of that ability. But, even still, Dorothy was determined to see the man she has loved all these years. The man she chose and built a life with over the last 60 years ago.

From the New York Post:

Dorothy Campbell on Thursday visited Gene, her husband of more than 60 years, at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, where several residents have died of the illness, according to NBC Bay Area.

Campbell, who lives in nearby Bothell, Washington, wore slippers and used a cane as she chatted with her husband by phone with a window keeping them apart.

Her son, Charlie, a retired nurse from New Mexico helped her make the eight-mile trip from her home, according to the news outlet.

Meanwhile, several families held a rally to express their concerns about the long-term care facility.

“We have been complaining for days about the lack of information,” Kevin Connolly, whose father-in-law lives at the center, told KING.

In a statement, Life Care said its staff is “continuing to provide care for our residents, the facility’s highest priority, and our associates, who are our greatest resource in delivering the care.”

“We grieve with the families who have lost loved ones; people who were important members of our professional family,” Life Care Centers of America President Beecher Hunter said.

“Life is sacred and precious, and when it is lost, a little bit of those in their circle of friends dies with them,” Hunter added.

Greatest Generation

The Campbells came of age in a time when the bond of marriage was sacred. That still holds strong for them as evidenced by these pictures.

We can learn a lot about love from the Greatest Generation.

Our love and prayers go out to Gene, Dorothy, and everyone impacted by coronavirus.

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