Larry The Cable Guy

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, is about to release a new comedy special. And the American stand-up comedian hopes that his latest special will help fix the current political divide that is plaguing our country.

Larry The Cable Guy’s New Comedy Special

According to Fox News, the comedian’s newest special “Remain Seated” is set to be released through Comedy Dynamics on April 7. And Larry The Cable Guy is on a personal mission to give the country what it needs most right now: some “good ol’ fashioned” belly laughter!

Git-R’Done Larry has not released a comedy special in over a decade. In that time, the comedian and actor has stayed busy “hanging with my kids and being a good dad.”

“It’s the same good ol’ stuff, the same ol’ funny one-liners and I haven’t really strayed from that,” said the Nebraska native. “My specials are a blast. It’s a setup-punch-setup-punch format. What’s in the trailer is what fans are going to see for an hour and 10 minutes — just one [joke] after another.”

Larry The Cable Guy Doesn’t Care About Political Correctness

This special comes at a time when comedians are finding themselves blacklisted for jokes that violate political correctness.

When asked if he feels pressure to censor his comedy, Larry the Cable Guy said, “No, I don’t care about that at all.”

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He then went on to explain that he sets no boundaries for himself as a comedian.

“I think most people just want to forget about it and just laugh,” Larry said of the current political climate. “People get bent out of shape. They need a little humor in their lives. We need to laugh and forget about things. That’s what I, as a comedian, should be doing.”

“There’s a few of us that are still out there that tell jokes and we do it how you’re supposed to do it,” he continued. “I want you to come out and laugh and have a good time. I’ve been around a long time. You know what my act’s about. If anything I do offends you, I’ve got a good idea — stay away from it!”

Larry The Cable Guy Focuses On His Foundation

When the 57-year-old isn’t onstage making people laugh, he’s working with his charity Git-R-Done Foundation, a non-profit established by Larry and his wife, Cara.

He created the foundation, which aims to help children and veterans, after his son Wyatt was born with hip dysplasia.

“We’re close to $9.5 million we’ve given away to tons of organizations that have to do with kids, veterans,” Larry said. “Man, it’s been pretty awesome.”

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Larry concluded by saying he can’t wait for his special “Remain Seated” to come out.

“I think people will really enjoy it,” said Larry. “It’s definitely a vintage Git-R-Done!”

With our country more divided than ever before, Larry is right that we need laughter now more than ever.

So we can’t wait to see Larry the Cable Guy’s new comedy special. And get the “good ol’ fashioned” belly laughter that we all so desperately need!

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