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Larry the Cable Guy isn’t very politically correct. In fact, political correctness takes a huge bite out of his “hind end!”

Larry The Cable Guy Takes On Liberals

Liberals are so worried about offending people that everything has to be sanitized. But not Larry the Cable Guy. He’s proud to buck the PC police.

Larry The Cable Guy politically correct fairy tale comedy

Larry mocked this nonsense by reading a politically correct fairy tale. There are plenty of things liberals might get offended by in a beloved fairy tale, so Larry sanitized it so it was acceptable for their sensitive ears.

In the video below, he reads children the story of Vertically Challenged Native American Riding Hood who meets “a wolf that had recently been put on the endangered species list” on the way to her “chronically advanced grandma’s house.”

It has quite a different twist than the original Little Red Riding Hood, but it sure does expose the nonsense of political correctness!

“This book is full of tree huggers and tofu farting fairies,” Larry tells the children in his reading circle.

There are probably some people with tissue paper feelings who are still upset by this fairy tale. There are some people you can never please, so just laugh at them!

He had me rolling in this bit – you can watch it too in the video below.

Comedy Shouldn’t Be Politically Correct

Political correctness does bite me in the hind end, too! Tree huggers ruin everything, including fairy tales!

I’m with Larry the Cable Guy. I’d shoot the wolf, too! Those tofu farting fairies can stay in liberal fairy tale land!

After Donald Trump won the 2016 election, Larry sat down for an interview to discuss how political correctness is destroying our country. He also thinks people need to stop being sore losers and accept the results and that Donald Trump is the President!

You don’t have to be a conservative to see how destructive political correctness is.

George Carlin, who certainly wasn’t a conservative, pointed out the absurdity of political correctness. Click here to watch that!

The comedian would surely be turned over in his grave if he could see the state of America today. Cancel culture and all!

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