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As we get older we revert back to childlike mannerisms that leave those in the middle scratching their heads. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy calls his generation the “Oreo Generation” and hilariously proves his point by describing similar interactions he’s had with his in-laws and his kids, both of which are remarkably consistent.

“The people who waited until their mid-30s [to have children] are kind of an Oreo because you’re raising your children but you’re also raising your parents who in their elderly age are kind of reverting back to childhood,” Foxworthy explains.

One in two Baby Boomers report feeling like they are now parenting their parents

“There are similarities between the kids and the seniors,” he continued. “They both have their own special menu at restaurants. You’ve got to worry about both of them with drugs because it’s not just the teenagers. Seniors get ahold of some good stuff.”

“Do you want to stop the sniffles or not feel your head?” Foxworthy jokes his mother-in-law asked him when he was at their house and he was having troubles with his sinuses.

Another funny-because-it’s-true similarity Foxworthy touches on is hearing.

“You know, the kids don’t listen to you and the folks can’t hear you.”

But Foxworthy doesn’t let his own generation off the hook as he describes ways in which he knows he’s old now.

“My truck was broken into about a year ago and I have this little box of CDs in it. They stole THREE of them,” he laughingly admits.

With the millennial generation living with their Boomer and Gen X parents later in life than any young adults since World War I, it’s no wonder the over-50’s are feeling the pressure of parenting their parents while also dealing with adult children of their own struggling to launch into independent adulthood.

In his effortless way, Foxworthy distills the unique position the “Oreo Generation” is in and makes us laugh at the often missed hilarity in mundane, everyday life.

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