Marc Lamont Hill mocks Tom Hanks's coronavirus diagnosis

Marc Lamont Hill, a liberal pundit who previously was a contributor for CNN, found himself in hot water after tweeting an offensive “joke” about Hollywood star Tom Hanks’ announcement that he contracted coronavirus.

Marc Lamont Hill Mocks Tom Hanks Over Coronavirus

After 63-year-old Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson bravely announced that they had tested positive for the disease, Hill reposted a tweet announcing their diagnosis.

“I’m Black. Call me when Will and Jada got it,” he captioned the tweet, according to Fox News.

Hill was referring to the African American actors Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Many took the tweet to imply that Hill does not care that Hanks is battling a deadly disease because he is white.

“You know what goes great with a slice of coronavirus media panic? Well, racist jokes of course,” Media Research Center’s Gabriel Hays wrote for Newsbusters.

Hill Deletes Offensive Tweet After Receiving Backlash

After receiving tons of backlash for the insensitive tweet, Hill finally deleted it.

“Deleted. I wasn’t trying to be mean. I was making a joke that came across poorly. All my fault,” he tweeted. “Sometimes you just gotta hold the L and keep it moving.”

Notice that he never said he was sorry for the tweet. True liberal social justice warriors demand apologies from others constantly, yet they never seem to apologize for anything themselves.

Hill later responded to one Twitter user who called him out by writing, “‘hes not black so i dont care if his life is at risk’ yeah it was in poor taste my brother lol.”

“That’s not what I was saying at all. But I see how it could be taken. I should’ve been more thoughtful,” Hill replied.

The words “I’m sorry” are still nowhere to be found!

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If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot, All Hell Would Break Loose

Can you imagine what would happen if a white person implied he didn’t care about an actor getting coronavirus because he was black? All Hell would break loose.

And that comment would be plastered in headlines and talked out by pundits on mainstream news.

But since Marc Lamont Hall said it, he was given a free pass by the media at large.

The hypocrisy of the modern left never ceases to amaze.

Get well soon Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. More prayers coming your way!

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