AEW Dealing With Coronavirus


All Elite Wrestling, like much of the sports world, is taking precautions to deal with the coronavirus.

Unlike some of the bigger promotions overseas in places like Japan and Europe, AEW has continued to run shows. They are, however, allowing fighters to remain away from Dynamite if they need to.

“Tony Khan told all talent tonight that nobody is under pressure to work next week’s show as long as this is going on,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He said that anyone who is feeling any illness or is stressed about travel that it’s okay to stay home.

“He said nobody will be judged by the decision that they make and nobody will lose their spot or their push over it.”

The NBA put the entire season on hiatus, while NCAA championship events are on track to be played, just with restrictions on who can attend the events. One of the major attractions for pro wrestling shows is the close interactions fans have with the superstars.

WWE has made adjustments and continues to track the progress of the virus ahead of WrestleMania 36. As for AEW, the next big pay-per-view is not scheduled until May 23 from MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Gronk’s WrestleMania Plans

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski’s return to the WWE will likely include a role at WrestleMania 36 – assuming the event still takes place as planned.

However, exactly what the role will consist of remains in the infant stages.

Gronkowski, who will be a part-time wrestler much like Brock Lesnar after signing with the WWE, is expected to help on SmackDown to boost FOX ratings. He is expected to be announced on an upcoming episode of the program.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the timing would seem logical for WrestleMania in Tampa, Florida.

“Right now when I asked about WrestleMania it was nothing planned, but if he’s starting on the 20th and we’re in the WrestleMania cycle you would think that he would start,” Meltzer said (thanks to Ringside News for the quotes). “You know if it wasn’t WrestleMania then they wouldn’t debut him on TV. If he was going to start at SummerSlam they wouldn’t debut him until August.”

A former NFL standout for the New England Patriots, Gronk’s contract will allow him plenty of flexibility. He has dealt with concussions and back problems over the years, two medical issues that could hinder his run inside the wrestling ring.

In conclusion, the 30-year-old Gronkowski retired in 2018 after a career that included three Super Bowls, four first-team all-pro honors, five trips to the Pro Bowl and a spot on the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.