NASCAR Ryan Newman's wife Krissie posted immediately after his Daytona crash

Ryan Newman’s crash in the final lap of the Daytona 500 shocked the nation. Many of us prayed for his safety and the comfort of his family. It took just moments for his wife, Krissie Newman, to publicly react to the devastating NASCAR crash on Twitter.

Ryan And Krissie Newman’s Marriage And Separation

Just last week, Ryan and Krissie announced they are separating after sixteen years of marriage. They are keeping things friendly for the sake of their two daughters and will continue working together on Rescue Ranch, their animal rescue organization.

The timing of this announcement had many NASCAR fans wondering how Krissie would react to the crash.

Newman’s estranged wife tweeted almost immediately after the crash. Despite their separation, she was watching his NASCAR race. Her three letter reaction simply read “OMG.”

Many fans are wondering if Krissie Newman will be at Ryan’s bedside as he recovers. Of course, some fans tweeted hopes that the couple gets back together.

“Nows not the time girl, get in there and love that man you married. He will need you support after the crash,” Cindy Shelton Mobberley tweeted.

Denise Folsom added, “Ryan really needs you at this time.Hopefully, w/God’s help & a miracle…Ryan will completely recover & also heal your marriage.Don’t give up. Praying 4the Lord 2b w/your family always.Healing prayers lifting #RyanJNewman #RyanNewman up daily. #Daytona500 #KrissieNewman #Nascar

Miraculously, Newman is awake and speaking with his family according to an update posted by Roush Fenway Racing. The Newman family also expressed their appreciation for the heartfelt support from the NASCAR community during this very difficult time.

It remains unclear if Krissie is by his side, but we know that the Indiana native has the thoughts and prayers of countless NASCAR fans lifting him up.

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Dale Earnhardt’s Legacy Saved Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman’s survival and seemingly quick recovery is being attributed to the legacy of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt.

Many believe that safety improvements NASCAR enacted following the tragic loss of Dale Earnhardt on the final lap of Daytona 19 years ago helped saved 42-year-old Newman’s life.

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But, we now know that Newman himself pushed for changes that might have also helped spare him of a similar fate to Earnhardt.

Ryan Newman criticized NASCAR safety issues in the past. Newman, who won the Daytona 500 in 2008, was actually fined twice for his comments. He was concerned about cars going airborne and the harm that would cause to not only drivers, but also to fans.

“They [NASCAR] can build safer race cars, they can build safer walls,” he said after a May 2013 race at Talladega. “But they can’t get their heads out of their a— far enough to keep them on the race track, and that’s pretty disappointing.”

Ryan Newman did get a safety feature added that might have very well saved his life Monday night.

From PopCulture:

In 2009, Newman lobbied NASCAR to increase protection for its drivers, and a bar was added to the window of the Gen6 COT that is referred to as the “Newman Bar.” The extra protection from the bar may have saved Newman’s life on Monday, when his car flipped before being sent down the track on its roof.

The Newman family needs our prayers as Ryan continues his remarkable recovery.

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