Dale Earnhardt NASCAR tragedy saved Ryan Newman's life

NASCAR fans watched in horror last night as Ryan Newman was involved in a fiery crash on the final lap of the Daytona 500. At the time, Newman was the leader when fellow Ford driver Ryan Blaney nudged his No. 6 car. The contact forced Newman to spin out before hitting the wall and launching into the air where he was hit hard by No. 32 Corey LaJoie. Viewers watched the Rocket Man’s car spin, go airborne, and flip several times before catching on fire.

Many people feared the worst as a black screen was brought out to shield Newman from spectators as he was being rescued and treated. Longtime NASCAR fans recognized the severity of the crash and were likely remembering the tragic day the racing world lost a legend. Once reports surfaced that Newman had survived, we knew that Newman’s Daytona miracle was in large part thanks to Dale Earnhardt.

Newman’s crash is hard to watch but it emphasizes the real danger of stock car racing. Professional racing requires expert training, keen instincts, and a steel conviction. They drive at amazing rates of speed, while tailgating to gain the slightest advantage. Each driver is at the mercy of those surrounding them.

Truly, this is probably the most terrifying accident that many fans ever saw live. Here’s the footage if you can stomach it:


A second angle provides another viewpoint showcasing just how violent Newman’s crash was on that final Daytona lap.

Prayers For Ryan Newman

Yesterday we collectively prepared for the worst while praying for the best. Well, God was certainly listening.

Many NASCAR team members and fans are Christian. And, people everywhere paused what they were doing to pray for Ryan Newman’s health and recovery.

The tweeted video below shows the Fed Ex race team gathering to pray for Newman after winning the race.

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While Newman is hospitalized in serious condition, he is shockingly not facing life threatening injuries as reported by NASCAR.

Dale Earnhardt Saved Ryan Newman

Poignantly, Dale Earnhardt died at the same racetrack 19  years ago today in a crash that longtime NASCAR fans remember all too well.

Like Ryan Newman, Earnhardt was in his final lap of the Daytona 500 when his fatal crash occurred. The Intimidator’s car violently slammed into the wall causing severe head trauma and instantly killing the racing great.

The loss of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt shook the racing world to its core. And so his death forced many safety changes to improve chances of survival in the event of a crash. Those changes quite likely saved the life of 42-years-old Ryan Newman.

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From ABC 11:

After his death, NASCAR implemented new safety measures for drivers and fans in the stands. Softer crash walls, more extensive seat belt systems, better roll cages are part of that. Drivers are now also required to wear head-and-neck safety devices.

Earnhardt refused to wear a head-and-neck safety device, and many experts believe it would have saved his life.


The Earnhardt family recognized the severity of Ryan Newman’s crash and offered up prayers for the driver and his family.

NASCAR Driver Corey LaJoie Speaks Out

NASCAR driver Corey LaJoie, one of the drivers who hit Newman’s No. 6 car in that final lap, spoke with “Good Morning America” in the aftermath of the Daytona crash.

LaJoie explains how, when you’re driving 200 miles per hour, it’s nearly impossible to determine what exactly is happening in real time.

You can watch LaJoie’s “Good Morning America” interview with host Michael Strahan below.

Last week, Newman tweeted that he and his wife of 16 years were separating amicably. His two daughters are already dealing with much change and now they are dealing with their father’s serious injuries.

The Newman family can use all of the continued prayers that we can collectively muster.


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