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Kurt Angle left Impact Wrestling for a WWE return, but he wished the move happened sooner. Also, Hulk Hogan’s status following another back surgery.

Kurt Angle On Leaving WWE

Kurt Angle Leaving WWE

Kurt Angle went from winning a gold medal at the Olympics, to landing a position on WWE’s roster. In nearly record time, Angle from an unknown name in pro wrestling to one of their best athletes. Angle wrestled most of his career in WWE, but he did spend a decent chunk of time for Impact Wrestling.

“My body is pretty banged up and I had a great career,” said Angle to Mark Freund of WHO-HD. “It’s unfortunate that my best years were with a smaller company and not WWE, but that’s a choice I made. I did it for my own benefit, for my own health, and that was the right decision to make.”

In 1998, Angle signed with WWE and he quickly started collecting titles. Within two years, he was already in the main event and a WWE Champion to match.

In the summer of 2006, Angle was granted his release from WWE. At the time, he was battling an addiction to painkillers. WWE offered rehab, but Angle ignored the request and eventually left. He would sign with Impact Wrestling and be there for 10 years.

Eventually, Angle returned to WWE and entered their Hall of Fame in 2017. He would serve as RAW General Manager and also wrestled a few times. He retired at WrestleMania 35, losing to Baron Corbin in his retirement bout. Many were not happy with Corbin being selected and that includes Angle.

As for a return inside the ring, Angle is done. He currently in backstage role for WWE.

Hulk Hogan – Back Surgery

By now, we all know that WWE will continue with their controversial Saudi Arabia deal. They are headed back their on February 27.

Even though Hulk Hogan has been promoted for Super ShowDown, there was concern on WWE’s part if he would make the trip due to back surgery. Fightful Select reports that Hogan is healing up well and should be present.

“Hulk Hogan is set for the next Saudi Arabia show, but there were some in WWE that weren’t sure if he’d be able to make it initially. Hogan underwent back surgery in November, but we’re told he was healing up nicely as of early January, even better than originally expected.”

As of now, we do not know Hogan’s role at Super ShowDown. He worked the last event, Crown Jewel, serving as a manager for a multi person team. Hogan’s team won, but he had no major role as he was using a crutch to get around.

Because Hogan is always looking for one final paycheck, do not be surprised if he angles for a match.

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