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Last week, we reported that Harrison Ford had blasted American and Donald Trump while he was in Mexico promoting his new movie Call Of The Wild. Now, Ford has doubled down on this, as he called the president a “son of a b****” in a new interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Ford Curses Out Trump

During the interview, Kimmel pulled up a poster he had made for the film with quotes from one Donald J. Trump, which included, “That was a perfect call.” This was, of course, a reference to Trump’s infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that led to the left’s impeachment effort against him.

Ford burst out laughing when he saw the posters, and he appeared to say, “that’s the first thing that sum-b***h has done for me, ever,” a colloquial contraction of “son of a b***h.”

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Ford Doubles Down

Ford then went on to slam Trump again when Kimmel brought up his other guest, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder.

“Speaking of science … out the door. We don’t believe in science anymore,” Ford said.

While promoting his movie in Mexico City last week, Ford went off on a liberal rant about climate change and American leadership. He lamented that “science is being denigrated … science is being ridiculed by people in ideological campgrounds. They are refusing the wisdom, the discipline of science in favor of a political point of view and that has to stop.”

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“I consider the threat of the natural world as the single biggest threat to humanity,” the Star Wars star continued. Though he didn’t mention Trump by name, Ford went on to say that the U.S.’s “position in the world is tenuous because of our lack of moral leadership. We lost some of our credibility in the world and we are anxious to regain it.”

When Ford was asked about immigration, the actor replied, “We need to invite people into the country, not keep them out. This is the history of America, it depends on immigration.”

Ford Is Promoting A Children’s Movie

It should be noted once again that Ford is currently promoting a Disney movie. There is absolutely no reason that politics should be coming up in any of his interviews right now. After all the amazing work Ford has done in movies over the years, it’s sad to see that he is just another member of the ignorant Hollywood elite in real life.

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