Chael Sonnen Has Interesting, Different Take on Recent Kamaru Usman – Jorge Masvidal Run-in

The run-in Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal recently had was scrutinized by more than a few people, but recently Chael Sonnen offered his interesting take on what transpired.

Immediately after Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal made headlines during Super Bowl week, for having a heated exchange at a media event, some fans questioned whether the incident had been staged. Well, while Chael Sonnen is also in the camp that something seemed off about the run-in, he doesn’t think the fighters were in on it.

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Sonnen’s take on the much discussed run-in

Both Usman and Masvidal were on hand at a media event in Miami before the Super Bowl, and many cameras were rolling then the stars ran into each other. Footage of the heated exchange quickly fired around the net, but not everyone was sold that it was legit. The theory being that since the UFC plans to have Usman and Masvidal fight, the drama would help promote the match-up. Especially since Usman is not really a household name just yet.

Well, recently Sonnen weighed-in on what took place during his podcast, and the retired fighter had this to say (quotes via BJ

“In all fairness, I left about one hour before this happened. But, I knew the situation and I knew the location, and there was something about this that looked very fugazi,” Chael Sonnen said. “It only looked very fugazi because I had just been there. I know the layout of it. I know the management teams that you have with you and the PR teams that are there to take you to certain sections and certain tables, which hence would then keep two maniacs that are oil and water right now, Masvidal and Usman, from coming in each other’s paths. So the mere fact that they crossed up while [cameras were rolling], for me was a little bit suspicious.”

“I’m then confronted with the fact of, is Usman or Masvidal even capable of doing something phony,” Chael Sonnen continued. “No, no those are two very real guys and I don’t think that they would be part of it. But, it does seem as though somebody else brought them together and had cameras rolling while this was going on.”

Is Sonnen onto something?

Ultimately, we don’t really know whether the incident was staged since we weren’t there, and we’re not part of the fighters’ teams.

But, if it was, Sonnen’s take here is likely on point. After all, it is kind of hard to imagine Usman or Masvidal agreeing to something staged. By all indications, the two truly have issues now on account of various things they’ve said about each other. Both men seem to be ferociously competitive and neither are afraid of confrontations.

Most recently, Dana White said the UFC is hoping to book Usman – Masvidal for International Fight Week in July. So, chances are we’re going to see more fireworks between the stars in the coming weeks.

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