AOC drag pledge

RuPaul is promoting the new season of his VH1 reality TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. And it appears the famous drag queen gained an unconventional publicist in Bronx Congresswoman, who will appear on the show as a guest judge. Now, there’s a video circulating to promote the drag show which depicts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocking our Pledge of Allegiance.

At a time when many Americans question AOC’s patriotism and America’s moral fabric, the freshman Democrat House representative is sending a loud and clear cultural message. In the promotional video AOC excitedly says, “I pledge allegiance to the drag.”

This coming from the freshman Democrat who repeatedly accuses her fellow Americans who don’t subscribe to her socialist policies as being racist and sexist.

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AOC As A Celebrity

The leader of “The Squad” hasn’t had legislative success in her freshman term in Congress. But she certainly has seemed to raise her celebrity status.

AOC appears to be delighted in elevating her profile among Hollywood elites – and drag queens. She is more successful in elevating her profile in Tinseltown than she is actually getting legislation passed. The House Rep.’s Green New Deal was DOA.

This same Congresswoman – who describes herself as a Democratic Socialist – spent Veterans Day with drag queens as well. It didn’t appear to cross her mind that this holiday was for those who served our country in the military.

Instead, the elected Congresswoman felt her time was better served applauding and cheering at a drag queen show. Essentially choosing drag queens over our brave veterans.

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Now, she takes a swing at the Pledge of Allegiance that many Americans hold dearly. This Democrat from the Bronx loves to mock those of us in the Heartland of the USA as demonstrated in her promo for “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

You can see Ocasio-Cortez “pledge allegiance to the drag” in the video below. The Congresswoman even has the nerve to put her hand over her heart. Watch!

AOC Pulls Herself Up By Her Bootstraps

Ocasio-Cortez has a history of saying things that highlight her inexperience and seeming ineptitude.

Just last week, she dismissed America as a land of opportunity full of rags to riches stories. But she’s wrong. In the United States, you are not limited to the social class you were born in. Our history is filled with people who have had tremendous success after being born into poverty. AOC should know better.

The Congresswoman instead used the phrase “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” in a literal sense. Just to discount the idea that anyone has a chance to to succeed in the United States.

“This idea of a bootstrap,” AOC quipped. “You know this idea, this metaphor of a bootstrap started off as a joke.”

“Because, it’s a physical impossibility to lift yourself up by a bootstrap, by your shoelaces,” the leftwing radical continued. “It’s physically impossible!”

Last week, Journalist Lachlan Markay tweeted the perfect response to AOC’s embarrassing moment. The Democrat herself is an example of this American ideal. Given she literally went from being a bartender to becoming an elected U.S. minority Congresswoman.

Yet the Democratic Representative despises our country so much that she can’t even recognize the opportunities that she has been afforded.

After that, you almost want to laugh at her taking this phrase in the literal sense. But then you’re reminded that this is an elected Congresswoman fighting for a socialist America.

I suppose, in the end, we just can’t take Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez too seriously if she is going to pledge allegiance to the drag.