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Despite health problems, Willie Nelson is releasing a new album April 28th. The country legend is showing his romantic side with a newly released video of one of the songs.

“A Woman’s Love” is┬áthe first release from Willie’s “God’s Problem Child” album. It’s a sweet song that describes the effect a woman’s love can have on a man.

“It’s a healing touch, it’s the blade of a knife, but it’s a woman’s love. . .that gives you life,” Willie sings in this hauntingly romantic song.

The video, which is filmed in both black and white and color, can be seen below. It’s as if he’s giving relationship advice to himself in the mirror.


Willie doesn’t disappoint his devoted fans on that song. He puts a lot of emotion into it.

This legend clearly isn’t ready to put his guitar down. He’ll be 84 the day after this album is released. In spite of having a rough year medically, Willie is still entertaining.

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