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Tom Arnold’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is so severe that he has put the President’s face on his ex-wife Ashley Groussman’s body in family portraits, according to court documents. It’s hard to deny that this is evidence that the actor’s obsession with Donald Trump is incredibly unhealthy to say the least.

Tom Arnold And Roseanne Barr

60-year-old Tom Arnold shot to fame thanks to his relationship and prior marriage to Roseanne Barr.

Now, Barr and Arnold find themselves on separate sides of the political aisle as Roseanne supports President Trump. While her ex-husband, Arnold, is rather vocal and volatile regarding his hatred and objection to our current President.

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Tom Arnold’s most recent ex-wife, Ashley Groussman, filed a restraining order recently against the actor. In it, Groussman claims Arnold threatened to withhold their children beyond his allowed visit per their custody arrangement.

The document states Arnold “claimed to have absconded with the children during my custodial time, then refused to drop them off per our agreement until I involved the police.” Then Groussman claims that the next day Arnold sent “rambling, unhinged, incoherent and harassing series of texts to my sister.”

The tumultuous relationship between the pair appears to only be getting more toxic.

The couple divorced last year following a ten-year marriage. Groussman was Arnold’s 4th wife. She previously stated that Arnold’s addiction and Trump Derangement Syndrome led to the collapse of their marriage.

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A quick look at his official Twitter account shows the severity of Arnold’s affliction.

While this is bad enough, Arnold reportedly placing Trump’s face on Groussman’s body in a family photo likely signifies just how distraught things are between the two. To someone like Arnold, who is bedeviled by his hatred for Trump, the photoshop stunt is a great insult.

To the rest of us, it signifies how unbalanced Arnold has become.

Tom Arnold’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

Previously, Arnold tweeted about protesting at the Trump children and grandchildren’s schools. No rational person would try to involve children in their political hatred, but that is what Tom Arnold has done. Worse, it appears he also looped the mother of Trump’s children into his apparent mental mess.

Now, Groussman filed court documents stating her concerns about Arnold’s state of mind. This makes her fear for the safety of her children.

From Western Journal:

Most bizarre, however, is Groussman’s contention that Arnold taped “a photo of Donald Trump over my head on photograph of me holding our daughter, Quinn, and prominently [displays] it at the house.”

It’s just an allegation, but it would hardly seem surprising given one look at Arnold’s Twitter account: It seems to be nine-tenths talk about Trump with videos of his kids, his musings about sports and a retweet about Oreos (sure, why not?) crammed in the remaining 10 percent. There was, tellingly, little talk about his career.

Things are only going to get more difficult for Tom Arnold when Donald Trump is re-elected this November.

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