Liberals claim Prince Charles "snubbed" MIke Pence

Liberals infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome are always seeking new ways to slam the Trump Administration. They make wild accusations without even having all the facts. That’s what happened this week when they claimed that Prince Charles publicly snubbed Vice President Mike Pence. As usual, this liberal pushed narrative was quickly proven false.

Thursday’s World Holocaust Forum brought world leaders together. Vice President Pence was sitting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Prince Charles didn’t appear to notice Pence and his wife Karen as he was focused on the leader of the Jewish state.

And so liberals on Twitter went into overdrive celebrating this alleged “royal snub”. 

We’ll kick things off with an author who chose some colorful language to suggest that ‘all of us’ hate Mike Pence.

NBC and MSNBC Analyst Karine Jean-Pierre jumped on the “snub train” and highlighted her opinion to her Twitter followers.

Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko didn’t want this exciting news to go to waste. He claimed the future King of England “doesn’t want to touch those Mike Pence hands.”

Prince Charles And Vice President Mike Pence’s Handshake

The left is so quick to overreact about things without looking at the whole picture. Another video completely proves their celebrated “royal snub” is nothing but hogwash.

Shortly before Prince Charles walked past the Vice President, the Prince of Wales chatted with Pence and his wife Karen. They shook hands as well.

“Vice President Pence and the Second Lady spoke with Prince Charles for five minutes in the pre-program before they entered the hall,” Katie Waldman, the Vice President’s press secretary stated. “Also they shook hands at the end of his remarks.”

The tweeted video below shows that Prince Charles was very welcoming to the Pences. Royals are not to choose sides with politicians. The Prince understands his role within the monarchy and would not attempt to score cheap political points. It would not serve his country to act in the manner in which liberals accused him.

This all came hot on the heels of Prince Harry and his wife (Yoko) Meghan Markle’s plan to move to Los Angeles as part of their exit from Royal life. The couple allegedly will wait out their move to the United States until Donald Trump is no longer President.

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Before marrying into the Royal Family, the American actress was an activist for liberal causes and candidates.

Last Month Liberals Claimed Princess Anne Snubbed The Trumps

Just last month, the press was reporting that Prince Charles’s sister Anne snubbed President Trump and First Lady Melania at Buckingham Palace.

Many leftist took a victory lap on social media, but as usual, they were proven wrong as well.

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