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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is being blasted on social media by Black Lives Matters activists for tweets from when he was in high school. A teenaged Mahomes tweeted in support of police back in 2011.

The 24-year-old devout Christian quarterback led his team to the Super Bowl this year. The Chiefs will face off against the 49ers on Sunday, February 2nd. And so this is rightfully the young Kansas City Chiefs superstar QB’s time to shine.

But his haters aren’t having. They scoured through Mahomes’ old tweets to find anything he might have said that could be used to tarnish his squeaky clean image. They want a target on the outspoken Christian quarterback, not a spotlight.

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Patrick Mahomes 2011Tweets

While a football standout at Whitehouse High School in Texas, a young Patrick Mahomes tweeted that people should stop resisting arrest and assaulting cops.

Adding to Leftist furor, the quarterback also tweeted that while Trayvon Martin’s death was a tragedy, there wasn’t any crime committed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

The jury ultimately agreed with Mahomes and acquitted Zimmerman. So Patrick Mahomes’ tweet was correct.

But, that doesn’t matter to far left activists who are out to demean anyone who doesn’t think like them.

These simple and rational tweets from Mahomes’ high school days were enough to make people turn on him. Some Black Lives Matter activists now believe the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, who is the reigning MVP and bi-racial, is unworthy of their support.

Anonymity can make these keyboard warriors brave. They will attack someone for irrational reasons from the safety of their mom’s basement.

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This is causing quite a conundrum for far left football fans. They might view both starting quarterbacks as unworthy. San Francisco 49ers’ Nick Bosa tweeted how Colin Kaepernick, who protested during the National Anthem, was a “clown.”

49ers QB Nick Bosa And President Donald Trump

After defensive end Nick Bosa was drafted by the 49ers in the first round, President Trump tweeted his congratulations. As you can imagine, this simple congratulatory tweet made liberal heads explode.

After all, San Francisco is a far left city and our Republican president’s support of their new rookie was not widely appreciated.

The Mahomes and Bosa tweets are sidelining some liberal activists on Super Bowl Sunday.

However, it’s hard to judge someone by a handful of tweets. But then we live in a world of soundbites and “gotcha” news.

Bosa has since deleted some “controversial” tweets that drew backlash just before the NFL draft. Mahomes’ high school tweets, however, were very benign. And when you look a little closer at his other tweets at the time, you can determine that he was basically asking questions about the Zimmerman case.

In the end, this is all a lot of nothing that was made into a big something all because of bomb throwers on Twitter.

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