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Unrest grows in the wake of Prince Harry and his wife’s surprise announcement that they are stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family. Details continue to emerge that are not sitting well with the public. And the Queen is by all accounts ‘hurt and furious’.

Harry and Meghan went public with their big announcement without clearing it with Buckingham Palace first. As a matter of fact, Prince Charles and Prince William received the couple’s statement mere minutes before it went out.

This bold move lead to much speculation about the couple’s actual intent. While it is understandable that they don’t want to live under the optics of the British press, many are wondering if they are looking to cash in on their Royal titles while forgoing the responsibilities.

Meghan Markle Leaves Baby Archie Behind

Meghan signed up for this when she agreed to the big Royal wedding and accompanying marriage. Less than two years later, the Duchess of Sussex is now running out the door.

Meghan Markle is apparently so anxious to abandon her role in the Royal Family that she left 8-month-old Archie in Canada. Archie stayed behind with his nanny and Meghan’s best friend while his parents went to England and drop their bombshell news.

Imagine leaving your baby on another continent while you jet set across an ocean to drop shattering news on your relatives.

That’s just what Meghan and Harry did, according to People.

Baby Archie In Canada With Meghan Markle’s Friend

Now, Meghan Markle has left to return to Canada and collect Archie from the baby minders while Harry is left alone in England to deal with the fallout.

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It is believed that Archie stayed with Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney whose three children were in the couple’s Royal wedding.

Shortly after the Duke and Duchess’ pseudo abdication, Mulroney gave a hint of support in an Instagram post. Her post read, “A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.”

This move was obviously coordinated and enacted in a way that was incredibly disrespectful towards the Queen and Prince Harry’s entire family.

It was timed to clash with Kate Middleton’s birthday. Plus, the family didn’t even get to see baby Archie since Meghan Markle left him in Canada.

The Queen Is Visibly Upset With Prince Harry

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth was spotted for the first time following Harry’s shocking announcement.

Her Majesty, who was seen driving, was described by the British press as being “steely-eyed” and looking rather upset. It’s important to note that Queen Elizabeth is 93-years-old and Prince Philip is 98-years-old and was hospitalized over Christmas.

This is a rather emotional and cruel thing to put elderly grandparents through.

Harry And Meghan’s Wax Figures Removed From Royal Family Display

There has been some sudden backlash towards Meghan and Harry in a rather public setting.

Madame Tussaud’s London has removed their wax figures from the Royal Family display.

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There is a gaping whole where the couple was recently placed, much like the gaping hole Harry has left in his grandmother the Queen’s heart.

The world will be watching in the coming weeks to see if the Royal family bands together or if Meghan Markle distances herself and baby Archie even more.

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