Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin of “Fuller House” fame is currently facing 45 years in prison for her role in the infamous college admissions scandal. Now, a source close to Loughlin is saying that the actress is already taking steps to prepare for her possible life behind bars.

Loughlin Prepares For Prison Life

“She’s knuckling down, learning the lingo and practicing martial arts to give off the impression she’s tough and to ward off potential bullies,” the source told Radar Online, adding that she “knows there will be plenty of them in federal prison.”

“Prison is going to be sink or swim and Lori doesn’t intend to sit back and take the abuse without a fight,” the source continued.

Both Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, have been accused of bribery. They’re accused of paying $500,000 in bribe money to have their two daughters admitted to the University of Southern California as members of the crew team, even though neither girl has ever rowed before. The couple has plead not guilty to all charges, and they are due to go on trial sometime in the coming months.

“Besides the physical training she’s getting lots of advice from prison professors on how to earn one’s keep behind bars,” the source said of Loughlin. “It’s a sure sign she knows deep down she’s facing an inevitable stretch and will need to be prepared.”

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Loughlin Is Terrified Of Prison

This comes after another source told Entertainment Tonight that Loughlin is terrified of going to prison.

“She is breaking down. She truly feels at her very worst,” the source said. “People are coming out in support of her lately but she is afraid to open up. She’s concerned if she talks to the wrong people that her opinions will get out and somehow affect the case.”

The source said the entire situation has been hard on Loughlin’s two daughters Isabella and Olivia Jade.

“They are trying to help her process but it’s been really hard,” the source explained. “The girls feel guilty because they realize she was only trying to help their future. They know their mother is a good person, and don’t want her to suffer in any way.”

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Legal Expert Weighs In On Loughlin’s Situation

Yahoo News reported that while Loughlin is facing 45 years in jail, legal expert Dan Abrams said that she likely won’t be in prison that long, comparing her case to that of another parent who was sentenced to six months in jail.

“These cases are very similar. It’s almost the same amount of money. It’s two kids. It’s faking the profiles, etc,” he said. “Now this was a guilty plea. This was someone who’s accepted responsibility for it, and is still getting six months. So you’ve got to believe if [Loughlin] were to take it to trial, with the additional charge that’s been thrown on her, if she was convicted, she’d be looking at a few years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got 2 to 3 years if she’s convicted.”

It’s time for Loughlin to put a stop to this nonsense and take responsibility for her actions. If she does that and pleads guilty, she will undoubtedly be given a shorter sentence, and her family will be free to move on with their lives.

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