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A Pennsylvania college student working as a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver to make ends meet got the surprise of his life last month when he received more money in one tip than he typically earns from several weeks of work.

YouTube Star Tips Domino’s Delivery Driver Big

Nyles Harris, a student at Northampton Community College, was working a typical shift delivering pizzas in the small Pennsylvania town of Bethlehem when he received a $2,020 tip from YouTube vlogger Gabi DeMartino, Fox News reports.

It turns out that a trend has taken over the YouTube world in which social media influencers film themselves doing something generous for others. Like surprising a waiter or delivery person with a massive tip!

“I didn’t really believe it until I got back to my car,” Harris said. Adding that he was grateful that his boss allowed him to keep the tip. The young man went on to say that he was determined to put the tip to good use.

College Student Reveals How He Used The Tip Money

“I used it to pay off some debts, pay off some bills and I had to give some to my mom,” Harris explained.

Harris’ mom was more than delighted by her son’s generosity. “She was hugging me and all kinds of stuff and she was like, ‘Why would you do this for me?’ and I was like, ‘You know I got you.’”

Now that’s really paying it forward! Good on this young man.

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In the video, YouTube celebrity Gabi DeMartino, who has 3.12 million subscribers, shows the receipt for the pizza to her viewers. Making it clear that the charge for her pizza order only came to $22.21.

The Domino’s Pizza delivery guy’s reaction to the tip is priceless. Nyles Harris keeps repeating “‘For real?!” before giving DeMartino a thank you hug.

DeMartino then goes on to say that she was inspired to give Harris the enormous tip by a similar post she saw on Facebook. The post suggested leaving a $2,020 tip in honor of the year 2020.

DeMartino added that she simply wanted to do something nice for a stranger as a way to “give back.”

It’s a wonderful thing anytime we see someone with celebrity give back to their local community.

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YouTube Users Respond

Video of the moment has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 400,000 times.

“That’s such a selfless thing to do. We need more people like gabby giving back,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Stuff like that makes me so happy and he seemed so happy.”

These days, we’re often inundated with all of the negativity that social media brings to the world. It’s nice to see something like this and be reminded that there are actually many positive things about social media, and that it can be used to help others and make people happy.

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