Boy George

Boy George pushed the envelope in the 1980s with his androgynous looks. The Culture Club singer was unlike anyone else topping the charts. But, if you thought he would be celebrating the political correctness of the far left on transgendered rights, you’d be wrong. His Twitter record on the use of ‘preferred’ pronouns is evidence of that.

Preferred Pronouns

Since leftists believe gender is fluid, they want us to amend pronouns to accommodate how others feel rather than how they actually are. Anyone who doesn’t immediately acquiesce to using or knowing a preferred pronoun is deemed transphobic.

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Pronouns aren’t something that we should have to put effort into thinking about. But these days Millennials and others display their preferred pronouns on their social media bios.

Even Boy George knows this is ridiculous. He recently tweeted that everyone should leave their pronouns at the door!

Trans Rights Activists Label Boy George As Transphobic

As a result, George Alan O’Dowd, as he is legally known, got backlash from trans rights activists.

Yes, even this 80’s progressive cultural phenomenon was not safe from the Twitter mob.

But, Boy George wasn’t going to kneel at their altar of political correctness. Instead, his response highlighted the ridiculousness of demanding others use your pronouns of choice.

“You must refer to me as ‘Napoleon’ and that’s as ridiculous as it gets!” Boy George tweeted as he also remind followers that he “used the ladies toilet throughout the 80s!”

After all, changing your species isn’t far off from changing your pronouns.

Boy George then doubled down against his haters who called him transphobic by declaring he is an alien. By their logic, if he feels like an alien, he should be referred to one, right?

Ultimately, this comes down to common sense.

Most of us use pronouns according to someone’s biological sex that we can typically determine just by their outward appearance. And so George simply tweeted that he just goes by what he sees.

Boy George Defied Pronoun Movement In 2018

Of course, this isn’t Boy George’s first battle with these activists. He also spoke out about the preferred pronoun nonsense over a year ago.

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“PLEASE use trans people’s correct pronouns EVEN IF you hate the person you’re talking about otherwise you’re insinuating trans peoples’ pronouns are a privilege that can be taken away at your will rather than a right they’re entitled to,” a trans activist tweeted.

“Be more than a pronoun!”, the “Karma Chameleon” singer replied.

Above all, Boy George has always been unapologetically himself. Even he believes trans rights activists have gone too far. He refuses to be bullied by them.

The video for Culture Club’s 1984 number one hit “Karma Chameleon” can be seen below.

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