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Alyssa Milano, who appears to have virtually abandoned her acting career in recent years in favor of speaking out against President Donald Trump and those who support him, attacked the Republican Party once again on Wednesday in a colorful Twitter rant.

The Infamous CNN Clip

The 47-year-old former “Who’s The Boss” child actress kicked off her latest rant by referencing the now-infamous CNN video that surfaced last weekend.

In the clip, CNN host Don Lemon, ex-Republican strategist Rick Wilson, and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali can be seen mocking the intelligence of Trump supporters, going so far as to use offensive southern accents while doing so.

“I don’t agree with making fun of anyone. The CNN clip displays a level of mockery, toward those who support Trump, that I’m uncomfortable with,” Milano tweeted. “I think I understand why you voted for him. You were struggling. You didn’t feel seen or heard by the previous administrations.”

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Alyssa Milano Claims To Understand Trump Supporters

Despite the fact that Milano has spent the past three years vilifying Trump and his supporters like it was her job, she went on to claim to understand the people who voted for him.

“I get it. By voting for Trump you felt you were voting for change that could potentially help you and your family. And to that extent I ask you: are you better off?” Milano asked, her condescending tone palpable. “Are you struggling less? Because the country as a whole isn’t better off. The divide has never been deeper.”

Milano then listed the various ways she feels Trump has harmed our country since taking office, offering no evidence to back up any of her assertions, of course.

“In 3.5 yrs since Trump was elected-hate crimes have gone up,” the former “Charmed” actress wrote. “Gun violence has gone up. Depression and anxiety have gone up. We need to look at this time in history w/ a critical eye & make hard decisions about the big things. Like decency, integrity, honor, truth and justice.”

Alyssa Milano Vilifies GOP For Standing By Trump

Just hours after she claimed to empathize with Trump supporters, Milano returned to smearing the millions of people who voted for the president, and to accuse Republicans of prioritizing him over Americans.

“The entire GOP is choosing a corrupt Bad Guy over the constitution and the health of our nation,” Milano tweeted. “If I wrote this trial into a film, people and reviewers alike would say, ‘How many bad guys did you need to make your point?’ All of them, I guess. The entire party.”

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The fact that Milano considers herself to be a political expert is one of the most bizarre things that has happened in the entertainment world in recent years. The only thing this woman has ever done is play pretend for a living, yet she thinks she can tell the rest of us how we should vote when it comes to politics.

Milano’s final tweet in her rant yesterday shows that her “empathy” for Trump supporters was completely false.

Like her fellow Hollywood liberal elites, Milano is far more interested in vilifying the president’s supporters than she is in actually understanding why they made the choices they made in 2016.

Unfortunately for Milano, none of us give a hoot what she thinks about politics, so her words of anti-Trump hate are once again falling on deaf ears.

The only people listening to her are her fellow liberals, and they were never going to vote for Trump anyway.

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