Hollywood actress-turned-radical leftwing activist Alyssa Milano just spoke out once again to whine about how “evil” Republicans are, but it didn’t take long for this to come back to bite her in a big way.

Fox News reported that Milano took to Twitter on Monday afternoon.

“I keep getting DM’s asking me if I’m ok,” she began. “Truth is…I’m feeling hopeless.”

Milano went on to apparently blame Republicans for: “Mass shootings. Corruption. Lies. Racism. Xenophobia. Crimes Against Humanity.”

“And the Republican Party is not standing up to the tyranny,” she concluded. “It’s a lot.”

Conservatives Fire Back At Milano

Within minutes of Milano’s tweet going up, conservatives were firing back at the actress to let her know just how ignorant she was being.

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Conservatives Also Feel Hopeless

It’s ironic that Milano is accusing Republicans of “inaction” when it’s really Democrats who have been trying to stop Donald Trump from enforcing any of the policies he’s planned to make this country great again. Republicans everywhere also feel “hopeless,” as it’s become crystal clear that Democrats would rather see our country fail than see Trump succeed in any way. Democrats are constantly whining about conditions on the border, yet when conservatives drafted a bill that would send billions of dollars in aid to fix the immigration crisis, it was liberal politicians who refused to vote it through.

Democrats don’t actually care about what is happening at the border. Instead, they want to keep the crisis going down there as long as possible so that they can use it against Trump, even though they know full well that it is Barack Obama’s fault. Stuff like that makes me feel far more “hopeless” than Milano could even imagine. While liberals like her are whining about anything and everything, Trump is trying to make our country a better place for millions of American citizens. It’s heartbreaking and disturbing that Democrats aren’t letting him do it.

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