Big Cass Sends Death Threat

Bad news for anyone who enjoys Tribute to the Troops each year, as we won’t be seeing it on television this year. In other news, Big Cass has sent a death threat to an AEW wrestler.

No Televised Tribute to The Troops This Year

WWE Tribute To The Troops

Tribute to the Troops is a much anticipated event for many people each year, but we will not be seeing it on television this year. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radiothe event has taken place already, but will not be shown on USA Network. If Meltzer is to be believed, USA Network did not have an interest in airing the show.

“So they taped — I shouldn’t say taped — they did Tribute To The Troops Friday at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. It was not taped for television. There is no Tribute To The Troops television show this year.”

“Nothing else, they sent people you know and did their thing. For whatever reason the USA Network didn’t want the show. I don’t have an answer. I mean it’s been on television for god knows how many years — it feels like forever. So I was really surprised when I heard that.”

Since there will be no Tribute to the Troops for the first time in years, we do have to wonder if any other Christmas traditions will be left out this holiday season?

Big Cass Sends Death Threat To Joey Janela

Big Cass and Joey Janela

Big Cass and Joey Janela are currently embroiled in a social media feud. However, things turned ugly really fast as Big Cass would send the AEW wrestler a death threat on Twitter.

On Twitter, Big Cass wrote: “Hey @janelababy. Say one work about me and your life will end. Real talk.#HowYouDoin”

Cass would later delete the tweet and sent a message to everyone who responded stating: “It’s a work you morons.” Janela would respond as follows:

“Only person you’re working is yourself [clown emoji]”

“Don’t come at me with threats then try to cover up your tracks, I would never ever work with you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and wished you well but it turns out you’re just a moron….”

There has been a substantial history between Janela and Cass recently. Back in September, there was a serious altercation between Janela and Cass. The incident took place at WrestlePro in New York. It was claimed that Cass was acting aggressively and erratically. He would attack Janela and eventually be transported in an ambulance after the police were called. Enzo Amore would later make an apology in Cass’ name.

After the incident, Janela could have pressed charges and sent Cass straight to jail. However, he decided to be the better man and not do so. Cass’ problems with addiction are widely known at the moment. Of course, this does not make the behavior okay.

Cass and Amore are now known to release rumors and stories that are completely unfounded. It seems that Cass’ claim that his threat was a work is also inaccurate.

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