The Piano Guys Christmas song for those missing someone

The Piano Guys have put a new spin on a lot of traditional Christmas songs. The simplicity and beauty of playing songs with just a piano and cello will stir your soul and put you in the spirit and joy of the holiday season.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year as we join together to celebrate the birth of Christ. But, it can be a trying time for those of us who have experienced loss.

The memories can be overwhelming, particularly that first year without your loved one. This pain is magnified when you have have experienced the loss of a child.

Experiencing Loss At Christmas

Jon Schmidt is the Piano Guys’ piano player. Sadly, he understands this pain all too much.

His daughter Annie was found dead after going missing in 2016 when she went on a hike. After a search, Annie’s body was found at the bottom of a cliff. Her death was ruled accidental and caused by blunt force trauma.

This shook the Schmidts to their core but leaning on their faith Jesus  got them through it.

“There is no way to thank our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ for the support we have felt through you,”the grieving father shared. “You have searched with us, prayed with us, hoped with us, fasted with us, supported us and sacrificed for us. We thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!!!!”

Annie loved Christmas which made the holidays without her challenging. But, Jon heard a song that perfectly described how he was feeling. It gave him comfort in knowing that while Annie wasn’t with them, she was spending Jesus’s birthday with him.

The Piano Guys have a large following. They have had over a billion views of their songs since they began posting them in 2010.

They are also the piano and cello behind possibly my favorite performance of a classic Christmas hymn to date. Remember this? With Just A Piano And A Cello, They Perform Perhaps The Best Christmas Song Ever

Schmidt knew that others would find comfort in this song so he set out to record it and spread its message. Cellist Steven Sharp Nelson and Schmidt joined forces with singer Craig Aven.

The Sweetest Gift

The video for “The Sweetest Gift” can be watched below. If you are missing someone this Christmas, it will likely bring you comfort. It’s certainly a song worth sharing, especially with anyone who has experienced loss.

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