NXT's Jordan Myles Blasts WWE As Racist

NXT’s Jordan Myles Blasts WWE Shirt As Racist

NXT’s Jordan Myles made a lot of noise over the weekend on social media and that continues today. Since Myles’ gimmick is about him smiling all the time, that is what a shirt produced by WWE resembles. 

According to Myles, the shirt designed by WWE is a close representation of blackface. Hence, he went on Twitter and expressed his displeasure; while also tagging Vince McMahon and Triple H.

WWE’s Official Statement

Albert Hardie Jr. (aka Jordan Myles) approved this t-shirt for sale. As always, we work collaboratively with all of our performers to develop logos and merchandise designs and get their input and approval before proceeding. This was the same process with Albert, and we responded swiftly once he later requested that the logo/t-shirt be redesigned. No t-shirts were sold.

Despite the shirt being pulled, Myles continues to slam WWE on Twitter. He is trying to get #ForTheCulture trending and encouraging people to turn their Twitter profile picture black and white as a form of protest. 

Jordan Myles Continues War Against WWE

He also spoke about informing WWE during the design process how he was uncomfortable. Basically, Myles is putting all the blame on WWE and even mentioned Hulk Hogan’s name.

Myles signed with NXT in January of this year and recently won the NXT Breakout Tournament. He selected a title shot against Adam Cole, but came up short. Still, the performances impressed officials and Myles’ future seemed positive.  

JoJo Offerman Possibly Returning To WWE TV This Week

There is a possibility JoJo Offerman could be back to work this week. According to PWInsider, JoJo is currently in St. Louis for tonight’s RAW.

She has been off TV for about 10 months as she gave birth back in May to a baby boy named Knash Sixx Rotunda. The father, is SmackDown superstar Bray Wyatt.

Since JoJo has been away, Mike Rome took over her responsibilities.