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Yesterday, we reported that “The View” descended into chaos once again as cohosts Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated exchange while discussing impeachment. The altercation culminated in Whoopi telling McCain to “please stop talking right now,” at which time the conservative ceased speaking for much of the rest of the show.

FULL BACKSTORY: ‘The View’ Explodes When Meghan McCain Takes Conservative View on Impeachment – Whoopi: ‘Stop Talking Right Now’

Now, McCain is firing back at Whoopi with a defiant message to her liberal haters.

McCain Fires Back At Her Haters

Fox News reported that hours after the show, McCain took to Twitter to address the left-wingers who are trying to silence conservative voices like hers.

“Dems and Rs alike need to confront the ugly truth: both parties are failing to be impartial jurors,” McCain tweeted. “I won’t be quiet, even if the reality reflects poorly on the entire political establishment. I have a responsibility to speak for the 50% that feels media doesn’t represent them.”

McCain Reminds Liberals That More Than Half Of America Is Against Impeachment

Not stopping there, McCain shared the latest impeachment polls, which show that more than half of the country is against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“Pointing out things that are true is part of my job even if it angers people and even if it’s politically inconvenient,” McCain wrote alongside the Real Clear Politics poll.

McCain concluded her rant by letting the liberal media elite know that they’re making a mistake in trying to stamp out conservative voices.

“Pretending half the country doesn’t exist won’t make them disappear,” McCain added. “The culture war is real, and Americans who aren’t part of the overwhelmingly anti-conservative media deserve to have their views represented.”

Liberals Get Rude

Unsurprisingly, liberals pounced on McCain’s tweets and fired back at her with extremely rude comments. Nothing “triggers” liberals more than a confident conservative woman!

McCain Doubles Down

Undeterred, McCain took to Twitter again this morning to post a fiery “Game Of Thrones” gif along with the caption, “Good morning – to all the fellow conservative ‘girls’ who won’t be quiet.”

When McCain shows up for work every day on “The View,” she is outnumbered on her panel by ignorant liberals who have no interest in listening to what she has to say. So she has to fight tooth and nail just to make herself heard. Liberal snowflakes can’t handle being around anyone who disagrees with them, so the vast majority of her haters would not last a day in her position if they found themselves on a panel in which they are outnumbered by conservatives.

We applaud Meghan McCain for staying strong in the face of the attacks she faces every single day, and bringing the lone conservative point of view to “The View”. She is definitely someone who young girls everywhere should be looking up to!

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