Watch Boxing Champ Tyson Fury Firing Heavy Elbows, While Training With Darren Till

Tyson Fury hasn't signed up for a MMA bout just yet, but recently the boxing champ did some training with UFC middleweight, Darren Till.

If you scoffed at Tyson Fury’s recent revelation that he hopes to compete in a MMA bout, well, it looks like the boxing champ’s taking steps to make that happen.

Image Credit: Instragram

Fury’s comments about taking a MMA fight

Prior to Fury’s recent performance at a WWE event, the star buzzed the combat sports world, by saying he plans to fight in a MMA fight soon. The comments surprised plenty of folks, as there are several big boxing matches on the horizon for Fury, including a rematch with Deontay Wilder.

Video is shared out of Fury hitting mitts with Till

Well more recently, the video clip below was shared out, which shows Fury doing some training with Darren Till. As you can see, the “Gypsy King” fired off some pretty heavy elbows.

None of this means necessarily that we’re going to actually see Fury fight under MMA rules soon. But, you could conclude Fury’s serious about taking a MMA fight at some point (Dana White, however, thinks that would be a bad idea).

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