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AEW and the WWE have made some new decisions in regards to advertising time. In other news, Kofi Kingston has signed a new contract with the WWE.

Kofi Kingston Signs Another Contract With The WWE

Kofi Kingston

It has been an amazing year for Kofi Kingston. Needless to say, it is no surprise that he is signing another contract with his current employer, WWE.

During a podcast interview at New Day: Feel The Power, Kingston revealed he signed another deal with the WWE. According to Kofi, his new contract sees him with the WWE until the end of 2024. This means we will at least have another four years of New Day entertainment, unless WWE breaks the stable up.

The future for Kofi is looking bright. Even though he lost his WWE Championship, New Day is still going strong. Xavier Woods has been out of action, but it will be good to see him back into the fold when he returns.

While we do not see another singles run for Kofi Kingston in the nearby future, we have no doubt that there will be lots of title runs for New Day over the next four years. There has not been a faction as strong as them in years, so we have a lot to look forward too.

With both Kofi and Randy Orton signing new contracts with WWE, it seems like the company are keeping a hold of their biggest stars. Of course, there are some other wrestlers that still need to sign likeMatt Hardy.

In the coming months, we will get to see which wrestlers the company values most. It should also give us an indication on the wrestlers that will be getting more attention in the years to come. As Kofi has signed for several years, it is evident he will be playing a prominent role.

AEW And WWE Skip Commercials


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and NXT are following in each other’s footsteps. WWE announced a little while ago that they would not open their NXT episode with commercials. AEW has taken note of this and have now announced they will leave the commercials out of their Dynamite episode too.

There is no doubt that AEW changed its policy because of NXT’s decision. Leaving out commercials at the start of a show can be a big draw for fans, as commercials certainly break up the entertainment you experience. So, a smart follow-up move from AEW.

When it comes to the ratings, AEW and NXT are scoring quite similar. While they have both beaten each other at one point, there is no clear winner at this time. It doesn’t look like there will be any clear winner in the nearby future, so the battle for supremacy continues.

One might argue that WWE has more resources to win the wrestling war. But do they really? After all, Tony Khan is behind AEW and has plenty of resources at his disposal. So, it would seem like the WWE has its first real competition in years. Maybe WWE management is finally taking the threat seriously?