Rated-R Superstar Edge is going back to wrestling, at least if PW Insider is to be believed. According to the publication, Edge has signed a new wrestling contract with the WWE.

Edge Signs Contract for the Royal Rumble?


Despite retiring due to serious injuries, Edge stated some time ago that he could wrestle a match again. While this caused plenty of speculation at the time, nothing came of it until now.

According to PW Insider, Edge will return to a wrestling role. They even speculate that Edge might be entering the Royal Rumble in 2020! If this is accurate, we could be in for a Royal Rumble of a lifetime.

“We’ve heard that Edge signed a new deal with WWE that has a pretty nice upside.”

“My gut feeling is we’ll see Edge in the Royal Rumble as a surprise (as that seems like the perfect place to make a big splash with a return for Wrestlemania season) and possibly even see him do a few matches on major events. “

Considering how abruptly his career ended, it would not be the worst thing to see him at the Royal Rumble. His wife, Beth Phoenix, is also working for the WWE as an announcer, so it would be awesome to see him more often in a wrestling capacity. At this point, the WWE could certainly use the viewers.

Of course, it is no guarantee that Edge will return at the Rumble. However, if he did sign a contract to wrestle, we are sure he will appear in a major way!

More Potential Returns at the Royal Rumble?

CM Punk Possibly Joining New WWE Show

I believe the upcoming Royal Rumble will be one of the best we’ve seen in years. While there are rumors surrounding other wrestlers returning, I do have a feeling that CM Punk could make an appearance. After all, he is back in the WWE fold (so to speak). If they could convince him to participate, then this Royal Rumble will be talked about for years.

Of course, an appearance for CM Punk is speculation at this point and wishful thinking on my end. That being said, I’m not the only one who’s written this idea over the past couple of weeks. If CM Punk can be convinced to enter, it would certainly be an experience we won’t forget anytime soon.

In addition to CM Punk, we could get other veterans joining the lineup. John Cena could be an idea. Randy Orton has requested a feud with Big Match John on social media some time ago. The Royal Rumble could be a great platform to launch that feud. Still, Cena is quite busy in Hollywood, so it remains to be seen if an appearance is realistic.

Women’s Royal Rumble

We cannot forget about the women’s Royal Rumble either, which could have surprise entries such as Lita, Trish Stratus, Michelle McCool, Viktoria and other female legends.

Unlike the male rumble, the female rumble may be a little trickier to put together. Still, I look forward to the women’s rumble just as much as the male equivalent. We could even see a return for Ruby Riott and Nia Jax.