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Protesters were so consumed by their hatred of President Trump that they protested the New York City Veterans Day Parade. One sign even accused the veterans of being political props for the President. One WWII veteran wasn’t having any of it and he let the impeachment-obsessed leftists know how wrong it was for them to protest at a parade for Veterans.

WWII Veteran Ready To Battle

Jimmy Bishop was participating in the Veterans Day Parade. He proudly wore his uniform and got very angry when he encountered these protesters who wanted to push their anti-Trump agenda during this important holiday to honor those who served.

From PJ Media:

“Give me a [censored] gun! I’ll shoot these sons of bit*hes!” the veteran shouts after he has tried telling leftist protesters that they were being extremely disrespectful. “It ain’t OK. I fought for the freedom you guys enjoy.” And how, he implies, do they repay him? By disrespecting him, his (former) brothers in uniform, and the president on Veterans Day.

Asked what upsets him, the veteran explains that he’s angry because the protesters are “holding up signs against our president.” “I’m not afraid of any of them. If I had a gun, I’d wipe them all out.”

Veterans Day Protest

“I’m upset right now. I come over here to enjoy Veterans Day and look at what I got,” Bishop continued. “I fought for the freedom that they’re enjoying. I was in the Pacific with MacArthur against the Japanese and I was also at the surrender of Japan. And I am mad. I’m not afraid of any one of you mothers.”

The protesters tried to say they were supporting the veterans by protesting Trump. What nonsense!

They are just looking to excuse their own bad behavior. Of course it is disrespectful to protest as a WWII hero and his fellow veterans were being honored. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is completely out of control.

These millennial protesters and their ilk decided to take on a member of the Greatest Generation. How brave of them! (Not.)

This veteran selfless risked his life for ours. He has every right to be angry.

While he should not be threatening to shoot someone – even if he doesn’t have a gun – it’s s understandable why he was up upset with these leftist who were attempting to ruin Veterans Day to score political points.

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Confrontation Caught On Video

Watch the tweeted video below and see if you agree with this fired up WWII hero.


Imagine being a veteran excited to participate in the parade and then be greeted by these protesters. It’s understandable that he was frustrated.

Some of the protesters claimed to be veterans themselves. Then they should have known not to agitate a World War II veteran.

There are so few of them left and they decided to shout at him on Veterans Day.

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