More Footage of Tyson Fury Training With Darren Till, Working Takedown Defense is Out

Recently heads were turned throughout combat sports by a video clip of Tyson Fury training with Darren Till. Now, more footage of a light sparring session between the boxing champ and the UFC star has been shared out.

A recent training session with heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury and UFC middleweight contender Darren Till, was not limited to just hitting pads…

Image Credit: YouTube

Fury’s comments about taking a MMA fight

Recently Fury raised eyebrows throughout combat sports world, by saying he plans to fight in a MMA fight soon. The comments caused a big star, not only because Fury’s one of the biggest names in boxing,  but there are several, potentially huge boxing matches on the horizon for him.

The buzz about Fury competing in MMA was extended by a video clip of him hitting pads with Till (well, one pad).

New footage of Fury training with Till

Well, as you can see by watching the video below, new footage has been shared out, which show Fury doing some very light sparring with Till. In the session, Fury gets some tips from Till on defending takedowns.

None of this means that we’re going to see Fury competing in MMA anytime soon, or ever really. But, there certainly seems to be something behind Fury’s recent comments.

It should also be noted that Dana White made the following tweet:

Recently White advised Fury against giving MMA a go, since there are some bigtime bouts waiting for him in the boxing world.

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