Jane Fonda and Cohost Abby Huntsman Duke It Out Over Fonda’s Climate Extremism On ‘The View’

"The View" cohost Abby Huntsman shuts down Jane Fonda's praise of Green New Deal

When radical Hollywood liberal Jane Fonda appeared on the ABC talk show “The View” just days after her latest arrest while protesting climate change, conservative cohost Abby Huntsman was the only one not drinking the climate hoax kool-aid.

During her appearance, Fonda was incredibly melodramatic, spouting dire warnings about climate change and the end of  the world.

Jane Fonda Warns Of ‘Life and Death’

“Scientists are kind of nerdy and neutral, but even the scientists are saying, ‘we’re not going to be able to turn it around.’ We have 11 years to avoid catastrophe,” Fonda said, according to Fox News.

The 81 year-old actress went on to urge others to join her protests. At time of publishing, her #FireDrillFridays protests have ended in her arrest on each of the past four Fridays.

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Not stopping there, Fonda went on to claim that humanity has “never” faced a dilemma like the one posed by climate change.

“We are the last generation who can make the difference between life and death of the planet and whether the planet is habitable,” Fonda said, to which liberal cohost Whoopi Goldberg immediately responded, “That’s right.”

Joy Behar Attacks Trump

Unsurprisingly, “The View” cohost Joy Behar chimed in. The outspoken anti-Trumper did not miss the opportunity to turn the segment into an attack on President.

“This guy is a convict on this topic,” Behar said of President Trump. Before lamenting that the media does not talk about climate change anymore.

“All we talk about is this impeachment issue,” Behar said, not seeing the irony in the fact that she is arguably more obsessed with Trump’s impeachment than anyone in the media.

Jane Fonda And Abby Huntsman Go Toe To Toe Over Green New Deal

Thankfully, not all of the hosts on “The View” groveled at the feet of Fonda. When the actress praised Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as “fantastic,” conservative cohost Abby Hunstman could not help but shut her down.

“That’s never going to happen,” Huntsman said. “I think part of the problem is this political hyperbole, when you have AOC saying, ‘Don’t have kids anymore, you should really think about that,’ or we shouldn’t ride on planes anymore or  this Green New Deal. Where is that getting us?”

Ocasio-Cortez has been at the forefront of talking about the fight against climate change. Though Fonda continued to defend the New York lawmaker’s plan, Huntsman was not having any of it.

“We American taxpayers subsidize the fossil fuel industry that’s killing us, to the tune of $16 billion every year. I mean, that is just criminal,” Fonda said in defense of the Green New Deal.

“And if we cut the military budget, which is totally bloated and bigger than any other developed country – $600 billion – that’ll fund ‘Medicare for All’ and that would fund the ‘Green New Deal’ in large part.”

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Abby Huntsman Stands Her Ground On “The View”

Huntsman then argued in reply that the climate change conversation has become so polarizing that it’s no longer possible to have a “real conversation about the issue.”

Clearly having no response to this, Fonda instead resorted to attacking Trump.

“It’s hard to have the conversation that’s needed when we have the present person in the White House,” Fonda replied.

Contrary to what Fonda said, of course, it is actually liberals who have made these kinds of conversations so polarizing. These days it’s impossible to have a logical conversation on these issues.

When confronted with logic and reason, liberals now typically resort to meltdowns or deranged attacks on President Trump.

If Fonda wants to spend her Fridays getting arrested at protests, that’s fine. However, anyone with half a brain should think twice before taking anything this actress says seriously.

Fonda’s latest string of arrests only show that not much has changed since her infamous “Hanoi Jane” days. You know, back when the actress sided with enemy forces against the U.S. troops during the Vietnam War.

A decent actress, maybe, but an intellectual role model, Jane Fonda is not.