Dominick Reyes Says Jon Jones is a “Liability”, Hopes Expected Fight Doesn’t Fall Through

Recently Jon Jones announced that he and his team have determiend the 205 champ should fight Dominick Reyes next, but the latter's worried "Bones" won't make it to the fight.

Jon Jones has announced that he intends to squash the championship aspirations of Dominick Reyes next, but the surging contender is about to celebrate a title shot just yet.

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Jones’ recent comments about facing Reyes

After Reyes took out Chris Weidman in impressive fashion at UFC Boston, talk about him facing Jones next, immediately spiked. After all, it was Reyes’ sixth straight win with the UFC, and it moved his overall record to 12-0. Further, although Weidman was making his 205 debut and has struggled in recent years, finishing the former middleweight champ made waves nonetheless.

But, immediately after the fight, Jones argued he had “nothing to gain” by fighting Reyes. More recently, however, Jones tweeted this about Reyes, as well as Corey Anderson:

Just finished a coaches meeting studying Dominick and Cory‘s careers. Established Dominicks definitely the more dangerous fighter. Beating his ass next

Reyes responds

So, what does Reyes think of Jones recent proclamation? Since Jones made the tweet, Reyes spoke with MMA Fighting, and the 29 year-old had this to say:

“I wasn’t really surprised,” Reyes said. “I was like all right, now we’ve just got to get a contract. I live my life step-by-step. It was like beat [Chris] Weidman, check. Get Jones to fight you, all right cool. Now actually sign the contract. That’s the next step. It’s another little barrier I’m getting over.

“I don’t really celebrate until after the fight, especially with this guy. I hope he makes it to the fight. It’s a big concern of mine. This guy’s a liability. So we’ll see.”

“He’s really turned into quite the troll,” Reyes said about Jones. “That’s all I’ve got to say about that. He goes online just to get a raise out of people and then he does completely different from what he says. I think he’s doing it just to mess with people to be honest.

Now, it is true that as this is being written, no fight contract has been signed. Further, if you’ve followed Jones over the years, you know that legal issues and USADA flags have sent him to the sidelines several times. That said, Jones has fought twice in 2019 and three times since December, 2018 (his last was in July when he earned a split decision win over Thiago Santos).

All that aside, it will be interesting to see if Jones – Reyes gets booked and when. Based off the light-heavyweight rankings, it certainly seems like this fight is the most likely. Unless Jones reverses course and decides he wants to compete at heavyweight or something (which he raised again as a possibility after UFC Boston).

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